Our Garden

Last April (when, unlike this year, I was not 8 months pregnant and therefore had energy for this kind of project), the kids and I (with a little help from Daddy) planted a vegetable garden.  The kids helped me work the dirt in the little rectangle plot on the right side of our house and fill several large pots with potting soil on the left side of our house.  The place that gets the most sun is fully covered with rocks, so many of our vegetables were grown in large pots.  We took a little field trip to our local Home Depot and bought a variety of vegetable seeds and little vegetable plants.

The kids helped me plant them and they were so excited every day to go outside and water our plants with the hose and their new watering cans.   In fact, their enthusiasm for this particular chore was such that even now, a year later, they still like to get out their watering cans and “water” the “plants” (our grass, our fence, our tree, and occasionally their mom or little brother end up being the “plants”).  We were rewarded with delicious vegetables!

We loved the sugar snap peas and the zucchini and summer squash (I pureed zucchini for baby food for little Z and he had that for many, many months!).  The tomatoes didn’t really produce until the end of the season, so we didn’t end up with too many of those.  The arugula bed we ended up with was…. impressive… as an overabundance of seeds were planted by little enthusiastic fingers.  And the cantaloupe we planted was completely overrun by the zucchini we planted right next to it.

So, in the end, there was much for everyone to learn; which was, of course, the point.

So many tools, so little time.

We removed the big rocks from the dirt and worked in some good planting soil.

Small hands, tiny seeds

Then came the serious work.

The fruit.... er, vegetables... of our labor!

So, how do you know when you've neglected checking your zucchini plant for awhile? Oh, when the zucchini is half as tall as your nearly 3 year old daughter.

So this year, I will not be attempting a vegetable garden for the reason implied above.  We will frequent our local farmer’s market instead.  However, perhaps next year, when new baby will be taking naps in a crib rather than in my womb, I will have the energy for this fun project again.  It really was a richly rewarding time with the kids!


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