Baking Bread

One day recently, I read The Little Red Hen to the kids.  This is a story I remember from my childhood since my mom really wanted to impress upon her three children that if we wished to share in the reward, we must work!  I think she wanted more help- she did have three children 5 and under.  I totally relate!

Since my daughter loves anything to do with cooking, I thought it would be fun to make bread.  So the next day, we pulled out Richard Scarry’s

I remember being fascinated by this book as a child and I am delighted that my kids get to enjoy it too.

What Do People Do All Day and read the last few pages in the book about making bread.  They found it very amusing that the little mouse who put in too much yeast had his bread turn out twice the size of the oven itself.  When I told them we would go make some bread, they were very concerned:  “Big bread or small bread, mommy?”  I reassured them that we would make small bread and they were excited to help.  So, with the help of small eager hands who measured and poured ingredients into a bread machine, dough was mixed together.  Then we baked our bread in the oven.  It turned out delicious and we had a great time!

We put in warm water, salt, and flour…

A little sugar and yeast…

… and then let the bread machine work its magic. They were fascinated!

When the dough was mixed and had risen, we pulled it out and put it in a pan to cook in the oven. The smells emanating from the kitchen that afternoon were heavenly.

They helped make the bread, so they got to help eat it!

And grace was extended to the one who was not allowed to help make the bread! 🙂 (Though he did try!)


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