Beautiful Day in the Park

Looking for adventure

Today has been a beautiful day!  The sun was shining, the air was warm, the breeze was refreshing, the flowers are bright and blooming!

We like to spend as many days like this outside in the glorious sunshine!  We are very blessed that in our area- though it is quite suburban, there are many, many parks that are full of trees, creeks, flowers, fields, and wildlife.  We enjoy the play structures too, but I love to get my children in touch with nature.

Three kids in a muddy creek

However, there are parks- the ones with creeks- where it might as well be a rainy day with how messy they get!  For example, today we went to a park with a very, very muddy creek area.  There were trees and bushes and flowers and fields and bugs and birds… and lots and lots of mud.

Hard at work, rebuilding the bridge

We met some friends at the park and they all enjoyed searching for bugs, splashing in the creek, and running through the forest trails.  What a great way to welcome in the spring season!

A muddy climb out of the creek

Z enjoyed the creek too

She is my sunshine!

He picked a flower too

Rock climbing

Over the last year, we have visited quite a number of the parks in the area and have enjoyed our adventures!  They like to play on the playground and climb and swing and slide and pretend they are on a bus or a pirate ship or whatever strikes their fancy at the time!

Land Ahoy!


Walk through a shady redwood forest

We like to walk in the shade and in the sunshine, gazing at trees, picking flowers, and they love to get messy in the sand and water.  I know these experiences are so good for them, even if they require a large amount of laundry afterwards.

A walk in a field on a sunny day

I really enjoy these walks and times at the park.  I delight in the delight of my children and in the simple and carefree pleasures of a tree log, a flower, a roly poly, a bubbling brook, a tall sequoia.  While it seems that the days are long and endless, I know that the years I have with my precious blessings are fleeting and will quickly pass.  So I treasure these beautiful moments I have with them.    And it is fun to explore the various parks in the area.  My kids are very excited when we go to a park we haven’t been to before.  Every new park is a grand adventure!

A little rest

Muddy from head to toe!

Picking flowers

Flowers for mommy!

“This is the day that the Lord has made!  Let us rejoice and be glad in it!”  Psalm 118:24


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