Field Trip to the Police Department

A few weeks ago, we went on a field trip with our homeschool group to our local police department.  The kids were fascinated by the motorcycles (they had seat and hand warmers, a special slot for their speeding laser gun, bright flashing lights, and cool helmets!) and by the dogs of the K9 unit.  The dogs were beautiful and it was fun to see the police car door pop open when the officer pushed a button!  We also got to see the prisoner transport vehicle and an incredibly cool armored vehicle.  Lastly, all the kids piled into the flashy, pretty, brightly colored DARE car.  After we saw everything, the kids received pencils, police officer baseball cards, stickers, and a coloring book.  It was a very cool experience and my husband was incredibly jealous of the armored vehicle part of our field trip!  Maybe next time I should inform him when we are going to an awesome field trip location!

Looking through the laser speed gun!

Looking so cool up there on the motorcycle!

K got a turn to try out the motorcycle as well!

Z was fascinated and probably wanted a turn on the motorcycle as well

One of the dogs of the K9 unit

K got to pet him too

What a gorgeous dog!

That evening, my husband asked them about their day and they were so excited to tell daddy all about their adventures.  X-man declared, “I will be a policeman when I grow up!”  Clearly, a successful field trip!


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