Memorable Moments: Week One, Maps & Globes

Love reading time!

For the first week of school, we did only the basics: Bible, literature, history/geography, math, and phonics.  As we get into a good routine, I’ll add science, art, music, and nature study.  This was a good week- the kids still love school (K jumps up and down like a crazed maniac when I announce that it is “school time” exclaiming, “Yay, it’s time for school! It’s time for school! It’s time for school! Yay! Yay! Yay!”)  We played around with the timing of school and for this week, (so in our vast experience of 4 days) doing the reading subjects (Bible & Literature) in the morning and then having calendar time, math, phonics, and history during Z-urchin’s afternoon nap worked really well.

What we did this week:

Bible- We read Genesis chapters 1-3.  I want to start using the flannelgraph while reading the story from the Bible, just as soon as I find that flannel board.  I’m sure it is somewhere in the garage.  I think it will be great to have the kids use the flannelgraph to tell the story back to me.  And Betty Lukens flannelgraph is beautiful!

Literature- We read Sleeping Beauty and Goldilocks out of the Treasury of Children’s Literature.  We also read All the Places to Love and Rose in My Garden.  I especially enjoyed All the Places to Love.  It had gorgeous illustrations and it was a sweet story of the love a family has for each other and for beautiful places in nature.  We also read one fable from Aesop’s Fables for Children each day.

Two! Four! Six! Eight! Ten!

Calendar time- Each day we reviewed the days of the week, our verse, hymn, address, and virtue of the month definition.  We chart the weaher by adding stickers to a bar chart (all of the stickers are in the “Sunny” bar, surprisingly).  The kids really enjoy running outside to look at the sky and then run back into the garage schoolroom and report.  And boy, do they love stickers.  Also, we- um, they- do jumping jacks while skip counting.  This week, we just did 2-10 by 2’s.  Finally, we review the words for the week and the sounds of the alphabet.  It is neat to see X-man improving in his ability to sound out simple words.  And recognize some sight words.

Drawing her own map

History/Geography- We read about maps and globes this week.  We read from Kingfisher’s First Picture Atlas, Maps and Globes, As the Crow Flies, and Rookie Readabout Maps and Globes.  The last two were perfect for this age and had really great pictures.  We did all kinds of fun stuff with maps:  We made clay maps, used a map I drew of the house to find hidden ‘treasure’, drew -very creative- maps, traced a path from a nearby friend’s house to our house, printed out a road map to the pool we visited today and X-man kept that map with him the entire day.  All the way to the pool, he was attempting to follow our progress.

Flattening the clay so he could carve a map

Creating a clay map

Following our progress on the map

It was a good first week!  May the fun times continue!



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