Memorable Moments: Week Three, People

Toddler Tornado

This has been a great week!  Our books were good and I am seeing progress in my children’s understanding of letters, sounds, and math concepts.  That is exciting!  We added a few things to our daily schedule that were really fun.  We did have a little more trouble with the Toddler Tornado this week.  I am participating in two Busy Bags swaps, so I am hoping I will get some good activities for him to do while we do school through those.  Also, I plan to take some time in this next week to plan and create some boxes and activities for him.  This week’s theme was the people around the world and where they live and what they eat.

What we did this week:

Bible- We are memorizing Romans 6:23 and that is going well.  We can all sing (and do hand motions for) “This is Our Father’s World.”  We started reading about Abram this week.  I looked a little in the garage for the flannel board.  Hmmm.  I wonder if the school year will end before I find it?

They told me what to write and I wrote it

Geography/History- We read People by Peter Spier, Houses and Homes by Ann Morris, and Bread Bread Bread by Ann Morris.  We made some bread that was quite delicious.  We filled in a little sheet on our habitat: our house.  K’s favorite place in the house is the schoolroom and X’s favorite foods that he can find in his habitat is nuts and oatmeal.

Literature- We read a sweet little story called The Little House by Virginia Burton, an engaging rhyming story called A House is a House for Me by Mary Ann Hoberman and The Little Red Hen.  The kids were definitely very into The Little House.  Princess was very concerned about the city crowding out the Little House.  She rejoiced at the end!

We have had so much fun with this CD!

This week, in the evenings, we began our very first chapter book!  After going camping in the woods, I thought the kids might enjoy hearing the tale of The Boxcar Children.  My mother read this book to us when we were kids and I remember adoring it.  And so far, this book is a hit.  Oh, the look on the kids’ faces when I declare that it is Boxcar Children time!  Pure ecstacy!  Yesterday, the chapter ended with a sound of cracking in the woods… what could it be?  Oh, the kids were wondering and hypothesizing and so anticipated the reading for the next day.  We are just loving this book.

Movement- I turned on the Kids in Motion CD I have and we had an absolute blast this week dancing to it!  All of us- me, X, K, and Z-urchin- having so much fun and getting such good exercise doing the dances and following the instructions.  My kids’ favorite song is the bean bag one.

Science- This week we did our first Nature Study and it was wonderful.  X did two nature journal entries, K did one.  We enjoyed our time outside and the kids are beginning to notice things outside just a tiny bit more.  I am looking forward to continuing the Outdoor Hour Challenges.

The end of our nature study this week

We did phonics, math, and calendar time as well- and the kids are doing great.  One thing we’ve been doing during calendar time is discussing our virtue-of-the-month: compassion.  All I’ve done so far is put the definition on a card up on the calendar board and we read the definition every calendar time.  A few weeks ago, when I started this, I gave them a few examples of compassion.  Now I ask them if they have seen any compassion in life, our reading, in each other.  It is neat to hear what they say.  This simple activity has opened up many teachable moments with the kids in the past few weeks.  (I did chose a virtue which I thought could use some work in my kids’ hearts.)  This morning, K was holding a basket of chalk and X took it away from her.  We discussed in turn how each could show compassion to the other.  X gave it back and K shared one of the biggest pieces of chalk with him.  I’m delighted to see how this is working out!

I already have next week’s books- I just love the hold system at the library!

X created a lego robot in his free time this week. As a completely unbiased mother, I think it is pretty great!


2 thoughts on “Memorable Moments: Week Three, People

  1. Did X-man build that lego robot all on his own??? Being somewhat OCD – I adore that the colored legos are completely symmetrical. Wow!

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