Old Faithful

At Old Faithful of California

This weekend, we found ourselves with a few hours to kill.  That is, there was a party happening in the afternoon at Grandma’s house and we really needed the four children under 6 to be out of the house and not undoing all of Grandma’s progress.  My husband grew up in the area, and so he had an idea of a place we could go:  Old Faithful of California!  So we took the kids on a field trip.

We arrived mid-morning and the kids found plenty to climb on and to investigate.  We saw crazy four horned sheep and fainting goats with spooky eyes.  The geyser was really fun to see and the kids noticed that it smelled like boiled eggs.  We had a really fun adventure.

It was a beautiful day, we had sweet fellowship as a family, and Grandma’s house stayed clean while she prepared for a very fun party.  A successful morning indeed!


My kids being themselves- crazy, cuddly, capricious, clueless

Always finding something to climb

Gazing at Goats

Four Horned Sheep

Princess found an acorn

Oooh! Geyser time!

Watching the geyser go!

The water shot up really high!

What a beautiful morning










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