Memorable Moments- A Week Off

Flower Tiara

Last weekend, we went to my mother-in-law’s house to attend a couple of family gatherings.  My husband went home on Sunday and I stayed a couple of days so that Grandma could have some time with the kids and so that I could have some time for things like a hair cut and school prepping.  It was wonderful time.  I couldn’t ask for a better mother-in-law.  She is encouraging, gracious, and compassionate and she absolutely loves my kids.  And she is such a great listener.  What a wonderful week I had!

So we didn’t do much official school, but learning still occurred for sure!

Beautiful grapes in Grandma’s backyard

We visited the Old Faithful Geyser of California and watched the water shoot up in the air and saw four horned sheep and fainting goats.

My princess learned how to make a crown, bracelet, and ring out of stems and flowers thanks to her cousins who adorned her at a family reunion last weekend.

Grandma has really cool alphabet books and alphabet magnets , so we did a lot of reading and making words.

He likes the sponge

I spent a little time creating activities for my toddler tornado to do while we do school.  He tested two of them: Sponge Strips (an idea I found here) and Pushing Pompoms (an idea I found here).  He enjoyed both of these activities (yay!) and my older two also loved them.  X-man decided to lay all the sponges out and make a game- K was supposed to remove the sponges that didn’t go according to the pattern.  Which was a great idea in theory, but in the end, the sponges just got thrown all over the place.  Which was cool, because… sponges!   They did not destroy anything!  Or make any noise at all.  I think the one who was really the most impressed with this particular activity happening in her house with her new hardwood floor was Grandma.

X-man’s pattern game

Stuffing those pompoms in. When he was done, he said, ” ‘gen” (again)- and he did this several times! A hit!


Grandma’s backyard was so much fun!  We saw grapes growing on vines.  Lots of grapes.   The kids climbed in a cage and had all kinds of fun there.  Princess K found a feather in the fountain and they took turns water painting on the fountain and the patio.

Caged animals

Found a feather

Water painting with a feather brush

On our way home,  I took a little trip down memory lane- we listened to Antshillvania.  What a wonderful CD!  I remember listening to the record when I was quite a small girl, sitting on my daddy’s lap.  How I loved it.  And it is amazing how good it still is!  I mean, the production is teeming with corny ant puns, but if you can live with that, it is really fun!  It has a great little story (patterned after the prodigal son) with very catchy music and great lessons.  I really appreciate the “Work Song”- extolling the virtues of hard work- we play it often when we are doing chores.  I also really like the “Seeds” song and “The Choice is Up to You.”  These songs emphasize the responsibility that each child has in making right choices about their influences and behavior.  I want my children to grow up understanding about consequences and without an entitled attitude.  These songs speak to that and perhaps as they grow, these songs will give me a teachable moment with them!  In the meantime, we had SO MUCH FUN playing the music loudly and singing on the way home from Grandma’s house.

At home, the kids found our Blue Potato Bush very much in bloom and they picked themselves bouquets!

Bouquet of purple flowers

My Little Flower Girl

The kids definitely missed doing school- they mentioned it a couple of times.  I’m glad they are so enthusiastic!  Next week, we’ll begin our adventures in learning about North America!

Bye for now!



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