A Day in the Orchard

A Day in the Apple Orchard

Saturday was a family fun field trip day!  The weather was sunny and warm and we visited Gizdich Ranch to pick apples.  To set the mood before we left, I read the delightful tale of Johnny Appleseed from A Treasury of Children’s Literature.    

When we arrived, the children played on the stacked hay bales and on the tractor.  We enjoyed a picnic lunch and drank really delicious apple juice.  Nourished by our food, we were ready to head to the orchard and scour the trees for the best apples.  X-man and Z-urchin insisted upon holding the buckets (Z-urchin relinquished his claim once we started filling the buckets, but X manfully persisted throughout the adventure with minimal help).  We picked Newton-Pippins, Gala, Golden Delicious, and a few Red Delicious apples.  We ended up with quite a number of apples- the kids really enjoyed picking those apples off the tree and plopping them into the buckets.  Now we are so excited to bake a number of apple treats- Apple Crisp, Applesauce, Apple Muffins, Apple Dumplings!  Yum!

Heading into the hay tunnel

Peeking out of the hay

Brothers in the hay

“Show your muscles!”

Fun on the tractor

If there is a way to make it go, Z will find that way! (Thankfully, there wasn’t a way.)

“I Declare a Thumb War”

Enjoying our picnic lunch

Z found a friend

The bucket is at least half the size of the toddler. But he insisted on carrying it. At least while it was empty.

She only got the bucket for a short time, but she was happy about it!

X-man by the trees

This kid is going!

She discovered a great branch full of apples to pick!

Happy to be picking apples

Z picks an apple

and it goes into the bucket

He has decided that he would like mommy’s sunglasses

Baby wants to try an apple

Alas, no teeth

He found a couple of apples

She found an armful of golden delicious apples

His hands are full

It was an absolutely delightful day!  And now we have so many apples, we will definitely be keeping that doctor away.  Except for that broken bone incident that occurred the very next day.


5 thoughts on “A Day in the Orchard

  1. Oh my goodness – I’m not sure which is my favorite pic! However, I think the winner goes to two: Seth wants to try an apple. Alas, no teeth. Perfect caption for his expression. Hilarious, and adorable!

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