Memorable Moments- Week Four, Welcome to the USA

Auntie Suzie has arrived! We are celebrating with smoothies and the boys thought that a hat on Auntie Suzie would be funny. They were right.

The last two weeks have been a bit crazy.  We had my sister here last week and then the day she left, our toddler fractured his shin.  Therefore, not a whole lot has been accomplished.  We did our nature study each week (outdoor hour #2 and outdoor hour #3), we went on a field trip, and a few of our books got read- but much of my time was occupied with spending time with my sister and then with dealing with a needy toddler.

We managed to get some stuff done though-

We went to the park on a warm day for fun! I love homeschooling so much!

Bible- We read about Abraham and I used flannelgraph on a flannel background attached to the easel to illustrate the story one day.  It is amazing, but that flannel board seems to have disappeared in the move.  However, the kids definitely enjoyed the flannelgraph, so on Friday night, I pulled out the flannelgraph box with the figures and backgrounds and selected all that I needed for the stories I will be reading next week.  They now have Romans 6:23 memorized and we have started Awana again, so they are memorizing verses through that program.

Geography/History- We read about North America (in a Rookie Read About book) and then began our visit to the United States of America.  We put a flag sticker on our suitcase binder and looked at maps of the United States.  I forced my sister to help me teach the kids the song “America the Beautiful” and we read about the Grand Canyon (and looked at many pictures).  We received a United States puzzle from my grandmother and we have put it together several times.  I played some of John Philip Sousa’s military marches to the kids and then read about him to the kids (John Philip Sousa, World’s Greatest Composers series by Mike Venezia).   We watched a few youtube videos of military bands playing “Stars and Stripes Forever” and this was just amazing.   I don’t know about the kids, but I really enjoyed this.  We listened to his military marches at various times throughout the rest the week and boy, everything I did felt so patriotic!  (“I’m changing this diaper for my country!” And you should have seen the way I marched through the house, putting away my laundry.)

They are pretending to be a ball or an apple or something that the CD told them to do. This CD is a lot of fun!

Literature- We read When I Was Young in the Mountains and The Relatives Came, two sweet stories about living in the mountains of West Virginia written by Cynthia Rylant.  We read John Henry and the Steam Drill and The Legend of the Grand Canyon from The Children’s Book of America.  We read three American tales out of Around the World in 80 Tales.  We also finished The Boxcar Children and the kids really want to borrow the next one from the library.  I am delighted with their enthusiasm.

Movement- We had fun with Auntie Suzie and the Kids in Motion CD.  Our outings and outside time have been abbreviated this week with the toddler in a cast slowing us down.  However, my little princess attended her first dance class on Friday.  (She has been singing and dancing her way through our various dwellings since she was able to do so and since I don’t want the three brothers she lives with to remove her of her extreme girly tendencies, I decided to sign her up for dance! And a class called “Fairy Princess Tap and Ballet” at that.)  She loved it!

Waiting for dance class to begin

We did a couple of math lessons and sang our math song.  They practiced writing tally marks on a white board and then on paper.  We did a couple of phonics lessons.  I wrote a couple of sentences about Mario and put them in my pocket chart.  X-man looked with amazement at the long sentences and when he discovered they were about Mario, the smile that slowly grew on his face was delightful.  (I told him the world “Mario” and then he read the rest- he was quite motivated to find out what was said about Mario!)

Practicing writing tally marks

I have no high expectations for next week, but I am so thankful that Auntie Suzie sent Z-urchin some stickers (and when I say some, I mean lots and lots).   Perhaps he will enjoy sitting and playing with his new stickers and a few other activities I planned for him so that I can actually get some school done.  And so that he doesn’t break his other leg with all of his climbing antics.  We’ll see.  As the cast guys said to me, “Good luck with that.”

Stickers for Z-urchin! Lots of stickers!

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