Memorable Moments: Week Five, Having fun in the USA

Our nature walk for Outdoor Hour Challenge #4

We had a good week.  It was our second week of ‘visiting’ the USA.  Though we haven’t been outside much (Z has only 16 days more with the cast, hopefully), we managed to take a good long walk for Outdoor Hour Challenge #4 and had fun baking with apples.

Nature walk with friends






Some fun things we did this week:

Putting leaves stickers on our autumn page

Bible- We read the Pillar of Salt story and then made salt dough to create pillars.  It didn’t work too well as dough to make pillars, but the texture was fun to mess around with.  We then continued learning about Abraham’s life for the rest of the week.  I did manage to use flannelgraph to tell the story and then the kids really enjoyed playing with the flannelgraph to make up their own stories.

Literature- We read about  Paul Bunyan and the story of “The Star Spangled Banner” in The Children’s Book of America and about Brer Rabbit in Around the World in 80 Tales, and we reread The Little House for our Seasons lesson.

Our personal Four Seasons

“Trip Around the World” Lessons-  We read about life on the prairies and put sticker animals on a prairie page.  We also did a special project on the four seasons.  We read The Reason for the Seasons and had a page for each season.  We decorated a tree for each season and attached stickers appropriate for the different seasons (holidays, activities, foods).  We placed pictures of each member of our family in the season in which our birthdays occur.  We sorted pictures we’ve taken at the park near our house in each season (except Autumn) and pasted those on the papers as well.  It was a fun little project.

Movement- We had fun being Kids in Motion with the Kids in Motion CD.  Z-urchin was determined to keep up with the rest of us.

Dancing to the Kids in Motion CD

He’s dancing with his (monkey) bean bag on his head! (I did try to get a picture of his bean bag on his back!)

Z-urchin is joining the fun one way or another

He’s determined to keep up!


They are all playing with geoboards and rubber bands

In Math, we worked with geoboards creating rectangles and squares.  We also used colored tiles to work on patterning.  They are getting better at recognizing quantities up to ten without counting.  It is really cool to see their improvement and learning!

Z moved quickly on to stickers! He had so much fun with his animal stickers.


Patterning with tiles- she chose to use these two colors because yellow matches her hair and green matches her eyes.

His pattern: ABAAAAB

In Phonics, we finished going through the first 26 lessons- one for each letter of the alphabet- in Ordinary Parents Guide to Teaching Reading.  So now we are taking a break to complete a personal ABC Book for each student.  We have been going through the house and finding items that start with each letter of the alphabet and taking pictures of the kids holding these items.  We’ll finish that fun project next week.

Tonight will be our United States celebration dinner of hamburgers, corn, salad, and apple cake.   Goodbye USA and hello Canada!


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