Memorable Moments: Week Six, Canada

This week we learned about Canada

We have had a full, fun week.  We added the Canadian flag sticker to our “Suitcase” and learned all about the country that borders us to the north.  I am still trying to figure out the best schedule for our daily activities, including school.  And I have good news to report:  I finally found my flannelgraph board!

Bible:  This week, we most often did our Bible story during breakfast.  I set up the flannel board on one side of the table and read the story from the children’s Bible storybook and illustrated it with the flannelgraph.  We’ve been learning John 3:16 this week and our virtue-of-the-month is patience and we’ve been taking special notice of people and circumstances that either reveal or require patience.

Literature: We read many stories that took place in Canada.  We enjoyed Fiddler of the Northern Lights (X was really enthralled by the idea of skating on a colorful river), Gift of the Inuksuk (this one was K’s favorite and after which they each made a little inuksuk of their own),  Nessa’s Fish and Nessa’s Story.  We also read The White Bear out of the Around the World in 80 Tales.  I borrowed two books that were more for toddlers, as special books for Z:  On Mother’s Lap and Owl Babies and we really enjoyed those as well.  There was something very sweet about mother and children in both of those stories.  I borrowed the second book of the Boxcar Children series and we are enjoying reading a chapter each night.

Coloring a map of Canada

“Trip Around the World” Lessons:  We looked at pictures of the Niagra Falls, the Northern Lights, the Ice Hotel, and Lake Louise.  We attempted to build a structure with ice cubes (a brilliant idea from Expedition Earth, a geography program I purchased at Confessions of a Homeschooler), but I don’t think I followed the instructions quite well enough as the ice cubes did not stick very well.  The kids enjoyed playing with the ice cubes and eating them, though, so it was fun.  We colored a map of Canada and read an interesting book about Canada.  This book told us that our maple syrup might possibly be from Canada.  When I checked the bottle, it was true.  So we made sure we ate plenty of pancakes and waffles with our Canadian maple syrup this week.  We also read a book about the tundra and then noticed that the illustrations in the books we read depicted life on the tundra.

I got two ice cubes to stick together! Victory!

Eating the ice was their favorite part of this activity

B is for Buttons

We also danced to our movement songs, practiced writing numbers with dry erase markers, and worked on our ABC book.  The ABC book is currently K’s favorite school activity.  She gets very excited when it is time to work on it!  We read about Canada Geese and then went on a nature walk and found some to look at.  They also had fun painting this week.  I gave them a number of different types of paint and paper and they explored the various materials.

On Friday, when Princess K was at her dance class, the boys and I took a walk in the park nearby.  There were no Canadian Geese (I read that the city is attempting to evict the current goose residents and perhaps they settled upon a solution, as there were no geese to be found) but we did see a number of Mallard Ducks.  X-man chased the ducks, found a feather, and ran after a crow.  He was fascinated by the way it hopped on the ground a few times before taking flight across the field to meet its friends.

Tonight we will be having our Canadian meal with American versions of Shepherd’s Pie, poutine, and Beaver’s Tails.  Next week,  we “visit” Mexico!

Practicing his numbers with the dry erase board



Fun art time!

We went for a walk in the park

The urchin in the cast had to stay here

Following the ducks

Found a feather!

Chasing a crow

One thought on “Memorable Moments: Week Six, Canada

  1. Those geese showed back up at the park a couple of days after your trip. I think they were just trying to thwart you. =)

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