Celebrate Canada

Our version of poutine and shepherd’s pie

Our Canadian celebration meal was quite simple.  We had our version of poutine- fries with brown gravy and mozzarella cheese sprinkled on top.  My husband and I are not gravy people at all.  But let me tell you, this dish surprised us.  We thought it was great!  We have enough of the ingredients for another batch and we fully intend to make more!  The boys were enthusiastic about this dish and the Princess would not touch it.

We also had Shepherd’s Pie- a version of this is in all cuisines, but we used the French Canadian ingredients of potatoes, corn, and beef.  Well, the internet told me those were the ingredients and the internet is never wrong.  Right?  The kids all love shepherd’s pie, this dish and this exact recipe has been a part of our regular meal rotation for as long as we’ve been a family.  Actually, I remember the first time I had this dish.  My Aunt Judy was babysitting when I was 8 or 9, living in New England.  She prepared this meal for us and I enjoyed it so much I asked about it.  She explained the ingredients and preparation to me and I have always remembered it.  So when I grew up and got married to a man who loves his meat and potatoes, I made this for him.  He enjoyed it and now  my kids do too.  So thanks, Aunt Judy!

Must have more fries with gravy and cheese

Loves the fries

Would you like one, Mommy?

Shepherd’s Pie is always a winner in our house

My little cutie pie eating shepherd’s pie

Daddy and his princess


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