Memorable Moments: Week Seven, Mexico

K is placing the flag sticker on the map of Mexico

This past week has been a great week.  Almost every morning, I rose at 5:45 and had a cup of tea with the Lord, as I prayed and read His Word.  Then I planned my day (or reviewed the plans I had made previously) and exercised.  With this momentum, I was able to get laundry done in the morning and this efficiency trickled down to my evenings.  I got dishes done at night so that the first sight in the morning would be pleasant and refreshing.  My days went so much more smoothly when I was ready for them!

We studied Mexico this week and had some fun!

The story of Joseph’s dreams

Bible: We started reading the stories of Joseph and the kids really enjoyed the flannelgraph.  Even my toddler, on the morning that I just pulled out the Bible without the flannelgraph, as we had K’s dance class to get to, pointed up to where I keep the flannelboard and said, “Mommy, that.”  I remember my mom using flannelgraph when I was a young girl and I have such fond memories of playing with it and reenacting stories with it.  I am so glad that this old fashion stuff still exists!  We reviewed Psalm 23 every morning this week- we memorized this Psalm two years ago and it is neat how quickly it came back to them.  We also worked on memorizing the Awana verses.

Flan and hot chocolate with a dash of cinnamon

Literature:  We read  Adelita, a Mexican Cinderella story.  We read The Tale of Rabbit and Coyote and enjoyed the antics of Rabbit.  Princess K was so relieved when the rabbit escaped to the moon!  We also read How Nanita learned to Make Flan and then we made flan.  The kids didn’t really like it, but I did.  We continued to read Surprise Island, the second in the Boxcar Children series.  They are enjoying that story very much.

Flag stickers on our suitcase- we’ve now “visited” three countries!




Trip Around the World Lessons:  I showed them pictures of Chichen Itza, Mexico City, and the two things that Mexico gave the world: corn and chocolate.  X-man, upon hearing that Mexico gave us these delightful gifts, immediately bowed his head and prayed, “Dear Jesus, thank you for corn and chocolate. Amen.”  I am glad he knows to Whom he really owes his gratitude.  We also read a book about Mexico that informed us that Mexico has a highly volcanic area.  The kids didn’t know what volcanoes were, so I found some images on Youtube that depicted volcanoes and volcanic activity (in Mexico and Hawaii).  They were enthralled by the sight.  They responded by drawing volcanoes of their own.  K’s volcano looks more like the Mexican volcano we saw (except hers has lava spewing forth and the Youtube video just had smoke and ash coming out), X-man’s actually looks a bit like the Hawaiian volcanic activity we saw.  We also had plenty of Mexican inspired meals- such as tamales and beans and rice one day for lunch!

K’s Volcano

We got the Wii game, Just Dance Kids and the older children enjoyed playing that game.  Princess K is awesome at it!  We worked on math and phonics (K is so excited that she can now read 3 letter words!  I am enjoying her delight in her own progress).  We also began piano “lessons” with Daddy in the evenings.  The kids look forward to their piano date with daddy every day.  We spent a good deal of time outdoors this week and completed Outdoor Hour Challenge #6 and had a good time with it.  Finally, on Saturday, we went on a family fun field trip with my in-laws.  We went to a Corn Maze!  The kids had lots of fun and I will tell you more about it soon.

X’s volcanoes

Just Dance Kids

Tamales for lunch

Trying to keep the toddler tornado busy






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