Memorable Moments: A Relaxed Week

Waiting to get that cast removed… counting down the minutes now!

We haven’t done much “school” this week, but we have learned and spent wonderful time together.

My Top Ten Memorable Moments This Week:

1.  Spending the morning with Z-urchin at the doctor’s to get his cast removed.  We looked at a Star Wars magazine that was in the waiting room and Z-urchin did a pretty impressive Yoda impression.   And a good light saber sound effect.

2.  Reading The Little Engine That Could while cuddling with my (newly de-casted) toddler.  He likes to name all the things he recognizes in the pictures.  He did a great job!

3.  Finding Shortstop asleep in the jumperoo.

Backyard “hockey” with my son.

4.  Playing “hockey” with my son- he had a small hockey stick (thanks to his Uncle) and I had a broom.  Scoring was estimated and generous and we had fun!

5.  Making popcorn with my girl.  When the popping slowed down and we turned off the heat, she jumped at every late “POP!”

“Fun! Mommy, Fun!”

6.  Freeing Z-urchin from his stroller at the park- for the first time in a month and watching him limp over to the playground structure and play Ring Around the Rosie around a circular rail.  He exclaimed, “Fun!  Mommy, fun!”

7.  Hearing X-man’s voice saying, “Mommy, a squirrel came by here and left his skin!”  Turns out it was a rat.  A dead rat.  I saved it for daddy to clean up and didn’t take a picture for you to see.  I’m pretty sure you appreciate that.

Baking oatmeal cookies together

8.  Baking oatmeal cookies with my middle two.  They stirred the dough together and Z-urchin exclaimed, “Fun!”

9.  Winning our game of dominoes at Friday Family Fun night.   Oh yeah!

Petting the soft feathers of the chicken

10.  Learning about and observing and interacting with chickens for our Outdoor Hour this week and seeing my children enthusiastic about these interesting creatures.

It’s family fun night

And I won the dominoes game! That is right!


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