Making Maracas

We made maracas this month

In our studies of Mexico during the past few weeks, we have been working on making paper mache maracas.  They are finally finished!  Here’s what we did:

1.  Made a paper mache paste with flour and water.

2.  Placed beans and rice in a balloon and then blew it up to the size we wanted our maracas.

3.  Attached two jumbo craft sticks to the balloon.

4.  Tore a few newspaper pages into strips.

Princess K was totally into the paper mache paste- she loved it

5.  Used the paste to cover the balloon with the newspaper strips.

6.  Let it dry in the sun (it was one of our very, very hot October-in-California days, so it dried quickly).

7.  Popped the balloon.  (I was told a long sharp needle would do it, but it didn’t.  I ended up having to cut a flap into the maraca and use scissors to open up the balloon.  Then I taped the flap closed.)

8.  Painted the maracas with red, green, and white paint.

9.   Let it dry.

10.  Shake, shake shake!  (When the rice and beans started sprinkling out, then- tape, tape, tape!)

X-man was not as excited about getting sticky and messy.

Painting with white, red, and green

Intent on his task

All done! Shake, shake, shake!


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