Memorable Moments: Goodbye to Mexico!

Wednesday’s outing included a creek walk and mud

This week we finished our studies of Mexico.   We are also adjusting to a new weekly schedule as we are adding Wednesday morning Bible Study now that Z-urchin’s cast is off.

We do Bible every morning with or right after breakfast.  On Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday, we try to do phonics, math, and our geography and literature reading after Shortstop goes down for his nap at 9.  This hour is louder than I imagined it would be before I started homeschooling.  My toddler talks, yells, laughs, and protests (when I take something away or get him out of the pantry or freezer) very loudly in that hour.  I’ve had to readjust my expectations of how (not) much we can get done in each lesson.  We also do a little movement with the Wii game Just Dance Kids or with the Kids in Motion CD.  Then around 10:30, it is outside time.  After lunch, Z-urchin and Shortstop take a nap and we head to the garage (or the kitchen table or the backyard) to do whatever special project we are going to do (unless they are super occupied with whatever they are doing, then I don’t interrupt).  Then we all have quiet time, snack, dinner, piano learning with daddy and bedtime!  Wednesday and Friday we go out in the morning and then have a normal afternoon and evening.  This routine seems to be working well for now.

The Lord has been faithful to continue to help me rise every  morning at 5:45 to get ready for the day.  My husband gets up with the kids at 6:30 so I have a good hour and a half to read the Bible, drink  my tea, plan my day, and exercise.  I’m enjoying these quiet moments in the early morning.

Here’s what we did this week:

Enchiladas and cornbread

Bible- We are going through the Joseph story, very slowly.  As I read the story out of the Children’s Bible in 365 Stories, I am often given an opportunity to share the gospel and discuss Jesus with my children.  We also talk about the qualities in the characters that are admirable and those that are not.  We’ve continued to work on verses we are learning through Awana and singing Great is Thy Faithfulness every so often in the morning.  Our virtue we have been talking about is patience and I see improvement in the kids in that area.  I think we’ll work next on attentiveness and then on contentment and thankfulness during the holidays.

Trip Around the World- We read Off We Go to Mexico, Corn is Maize, Hill of Fire and finished our Maraca project.  We had our Mexico celebration with enchildadas, cornbread, and salad.

Train ride at the pumpkin patch

Literature- We read Gold Coin, and discussed how compassionate the old lady was.  We read Erandi’s Braids and discussed how compassionate the young girl was.  We read Borriguita and the Coyote and discussed how smart the little lamb was.  We read Domatila and discussed how hardworking and skilled she was.   We read Mice and Beans (right before our celebration) and discussed compassion again.  We are now almost finished with Surprise Island.

Nature Studies- We read about beaks of birds in The Handbook of Nature Study and discussed the differences between chicken and duck beaks.  We spent a good amount of time outside this week- going to the pumpkin patch, the park, and then out in our backyard for Outdoor Hour #8.

Gluing triangles to make a ten-triangle pattern

We also worked on triangles and tens in math and the short a and short e sounds in phonics.  X-man and I made a Mario book together and X-man read it to me, his dad, and his sister.  That was fun!  We are definitely going to make more books together!  On Saturday, Daddy and the older two mixed dirt, flour, sand, salt, and water together to make a clay that they wrapped around little toy dinosaurs.  We are calling them dinosaur eggs and they are for Z-urchin’s birthday party this next week.  My toddler tornado is about to turn 2!

We stopped at the library on Friday after dance class and farmer’s market to pick up our books for next week.  Goodbye, Mexico, hello Europe and Greece!

Reading “Mario and His Hat” to his sister

Nature Study in our backyard

Making dino eggs with daddy

Getting ready for Z-urchin’s birthday party!

The almost-birthday boy at our Mexico celebration dinner



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