Memorable Moments: Greece

Princess Peach, Link, and Mario (armed with his blankie), all ready to go trick-or-treating!

This past week we said goodbye to North America and traveled across the ocean to Europe.  This week’s focus was the country of Greece.  It was also Halloween and we celebrated by dressing up as Link (from the Zelda games), Princess Peach, and Mario.

Bible: We continue to memorize verses for Awana and the kids are doing a great job.  We read about Joseph this week and watched Joseph: King of Dreams.

Making words

Trip Around the World: We read a book introducing us to the people, land, and places in Europe.  When we read about how the northern parts of Europe are very cold and snowy during much of the year, X-man commented, “Hey!  Like Canada!”  I’m so impressed that he remembered what we learned!  Then he asked, “Is there sandy parts too, like in Mexico?”  It is so exciting to see his brain at work!  We also read a book about Greece and Daddy has been reading an Eyewitness: Olympics book to them before bed.  They find all the pictures and information very interesting.

Literature: We read a fanciful story called Bird House (I borrowed this from the library since our nature study focus lately has been birds) and had a great conversation about it.  The kids asked a question about the story and my answer was, “I don’t know, what do you think?”  And then we proceeded to come up with all kinds of solutions.  It was so rewarding to have this level of conversation with the kids.  We also read Mr. Semolina-Semolinus, a story X-man was so excited to read because of the funny picture on the front of a man coming out of a bowl.  They seemed to enjoy the tale.  We also read I Have an Olive Tree.  And we finished Surprise Island, a story the children enjoyed very much.

Found a horse at the nearby park

We played around with letters to make words in phonics and we solved problems with the abacus in math.  We put up a tree trunk and branches on the wall so we can write things we are thankful for on paper leaves  and hang them on the branches.  We also did our Outdoor Hour Challenge, went on a walk in a nearby park with some friends, and I had a tea party with my sweet daughter.  On Friday, a framed print of Bierstadt’s Half Dome (an amazing piece of art; I can’t stop staring at it!) that I had ordered for our living room arrived in a large cardboard box.  I set up the box outside and the kids painted a mural of modern art on it.  They really enjoyed painting on that box!  Then this weekend, we went to a pool party and Shortstop very much enjoyed his first experience with the pool and the hot tub!

Not too pleased

Happy now

Found some walnuts

Woods in the fall

A leaf on a stick- treasures from our walk

The princess loves to paint

Tea Party!

Our thankful tree

Shortstop’s first time in the water- he loved it!



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