Bringing Birds to our Backyard

Last week, we dug our bird feeder and seed out of the garage where it has been since our move, washed it up, and filled it with bird seed. The kids and I discussed where we should hang it and we found a spot in our tree.  I’ve read that the tree is not the best spot for a bird feeder, as they like to watch out for predators, but it is the only one we have for now.  Perhaps soon I’ll talk my husband into getting a hook and hanging it  on the back fence.  Or maybe we’ll get a few more bird feeders and hang them around our yard and find out where they like to eat best!

We freed the bird feeder from its box in the garage so it could be free to be what it was meant to be!

Filled it up with seed

Carried it outside

Found a good spot

The bird feeder in the tree

Now to wait for some birds!


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