The Aftermath of Halloween

Looking longingly at the pile of candy 

Last week was Halloween.  The kids dressed up- X-man as Link (from the Zelda games), Princess K as Princess Peach, and Z-urchin as Mario.  They went “trunk or treating” at Awana and then we took them trick or treating in the neighborhood on Halloween.  Therefore, we have a lot of candy around the house these days.  Today I decided to take a break from our regularly scheduled math curriculum to do a little M&M math.

Here’s what we did:

1.  We sorted the candy by color.



2.  We ordered the candy from least to greatest.  In order to do this, we lined up the colors with few candies in pairs and counted by 2s.  For the M&Ms in the bigger piles, we counted by 5s.

Ordering the piles from the least to the most

In order

3.  I gave each kid a pile of M&Ms and told them to make a pattern.  X-man made one long pattern and Princess made three smaller patterns.

Three ABAB patterns

Working on a ABCDEF pattern

4.  We practiced adding 1 to each number, 0-9.

Adding 1

5.  I finally let them eat some of them which was definitely their favorite part of this lesson!


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