Fire Station Field Trip

A Fire Truck

Last week, we took a trip to a nearby Fire Station.  We had a few mishaps: a lost water bottle, a close encounter with a muddy puddle, and a hunger meltdown.  Overall, however, the outing was interesting and fun.

Where they practice

We learned the difference between a fire truck and a fire engine.  The fire truck has a ladder, the fire engine has a pump.  The firemen are on duty for two days, and then go home for four days.  While they are at the station, during normal work hours they practice, exercise, run field trips, take classes, and do fire station things.  After five, however, they can watch television in a room full of recliners or do whatever they want, as long as they are at the station, ready to go out whenever they get a call.  They have a kitchen where they prepare their meals and a big table where they eat.   This station has three different refrigerators- one each for the three teams who work there.

We went outside and saw their practice equipment- a tall tower (X-man was very impressed with it) with stairs, a pretend roof to practice sawing through, and doors to practice getting through.

Inside the barn, they showed us the heat camera they use to identify people in burning structures.  The captain placed his hand on the ground for a while and then lifted it and showed that you could see the hand print on this camera.  Wow!

Then the kids got to take turns practicing what to do if your clothing catches on fire: Stop, drop, and roll.  My little princess refused to do this, but X-man enjoyed it.  Then they got to slide down a fireman pole!  Even K got into this activity!

They each got a fire fighter’s had and we thanked the fire captain and headed out to a park to solve the hunger problem.  It was a lot of fun!

Another fire truck

It’s shiny

Staring at their reflections

Crawling around with the fire fighter in his gear

He breaths like Darth Vader through his breathing mask- he has about 30 minutes of air

Stop, drop, and roll!

Time to slide down the pole!

The princess wanted to participate in this fun activity

Everyone has fun sliding on the pole

Fireman hat

He got one too!

By the fire engine

What a fun field trip!


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