Memorable Moments: Weeks 11& 12- Italy

First taste of food: butternut squash (he loves it!)

The last two weeks have been quite eventful over here.  We visited a fire station, Shortstop turned 6 months old and we began feeding him some solid food,  Z-urchin and I took a trip to the ER (he fell out of bed and then had a barking cough and couldn’t seem to catch his breath… turns out he had croup and the next day the cold symptoms showed up), mild illness swept through the house, and my mother-in-law and sister-in-law came and helped me get some frames and decorations hung up on the walls of my house.  (Oh, what a blessing that was!  Now as I am finally feeling settled!)

Poor guy, first a broken leg and then a trip to the ER and a middle of the night X-ray. I wonder if he and I will become quite good friends with the hospital over the years.

We managed to get some school done in the midst of our crazy life, though:

Bible- We are reading slowly through the story of Moses and memorizing our Awana verses.  I am teaching them “Great is Thy Faithfulness,” (very slowly) and my princess perks up every time she hears the line, “Thy compassions, they fail not,” because she is so very excited that she knows what that word means (from our virtue-of-the-month discussions).  I am so very excited that she remembers and is delighted in knowing.

Trip Around the World- We read Italy in the Blastoff Readers, Exploring Countries Series.  We found Italy on a map (and traced a path from Greece- our last country studied- and Italy).  I was especially encouraged by their memory of Greece’s name and their ability to point out and name “island.”  Cool!

Literature- We also read a number of Italian tales, including Strega Nona, Big Anthony, Strega Nona Her Story, The Mysterious Giant of Barletta, Pome and Peel, and The Canary Prince.  They enjoyed the silly stories about Strega Nona and Big Anthony and the pasta pot (to keep with the theme, we were sure to eat a lot of pasta these past two weeks).  Princess K loved The Canary Prince because it reminded her of Rapunzel.  

We listened to a CD of Verdi and read a little blurb on the CD cover about his life.  We’ve also been reading through The Adventures of Pinnochio for our bedtime stories.  Princess K did not at first enjoy this book and I haven’t heard yet if she has changed her mind.

We’ve worked through the lessons in Ordinary Parents Guide to Teaching Reading, getting through the lessons on simple CVC words.  Then I happened across a blog post on teaching reading “The Charlotte Mason way,” and was intrigued by the idea.  So we’ve done a few Charlotte Mason style reading lessons and we are all finding them enjoyable and a nice break from our normal phonics lessons.  I think I will now be crafting lessons like these, using the Guide as a… well, guide for me on the rules of phonics.  I’ll write more about this in a separate post, sometime in the next week or two.

We also played with Halloween candy during math and played math games like a “War” inspired game with number flashcards and memory with number flashcards.

We spend some time out-of-doors (when it wasn’t raining)- taking a walk in a nearby park and completing our final “Getting Started” Outdoor Hour Challenge.

I already have my books for our next country, Germany (including the German tale, Rapunzel), although it will take a few weeks to finish, as we will take some time this next week to focus on Thanksgiving!

Taking a walk

It’s a beautiful day

Surprised (but only he knows by what)

Rest on a rock

Smile in the sunshine


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