Memorable Moments: Weeks 15-19, More European Countries

It’s been over a month since my last Memorable Moments Post.  This is due to the fact that when we went to Legoland, our laptop died.  The hard drive was left intact, so we will be able to get at our old documents, files, and most importantly pictures; however, we have not yet done this.  The aforementioned pictures that are on that laptop include some pictures from our school week #15, so I have been waiting until I got those pictures to write this post.

I wait no longer.

Since it is taking longer than I had anticipated to complete this hard drive download project, I’m just going to record what we did and give you the pictures of all the other weeks.

So, here it is… memorable moments from our last several weeks of school:

Bible story- Water From A Rock

Bible story- Water From A Rock

Bible– Several weeks ago, we were at the beginning of the stories of Moses.  We are now near the end of his life.  We have gone through the stories of the Exodus, the Ten Commandments, and stories from the wilderness wanderings.  We read about the 12 spies and the people rebelling and Moses disobeying God when he hit the rock instead of speaking to it.  The kids know “On Christ the Solid Rock,” and the New Testament books to a melody I grew up singing (since X-man had to learn these for Awana).  This week, we’ve been reviewing the hymns we know, including “This is My Father’s World,” and “Trust and Obey” (a hymn that was very applicable to our Bible stories this week).

“Trip Around the World”-  We have now finished the countries we will study in Europe.  We read several of the Exploring Countries series, for the countries we studied and then the following books:


Pippi Longstocking (from Sweden)- A book the children thought was quite funny and provided opportunities for us to talk about honesty and respect.

Nail Soup from the collection Around the World in 80 Tales– A Swedish story similar to Stone Soup.

The Children of Hat Cottage by Elsa Maartman Beskow (from Sweden)- A memorable story of children who lived on an island with their mother in a cottage that was shaped like a hat.  X-man mentioned this story just a few days ago- recollecting with grins this tale we read several weeks ago.

The Princess Mouse by Aaron Shepard (from Finland)- My little princess loves anything with a princess in it.  They enjoyed this sweet story.

Crystal Mountain by Ruth Sanderson- A combination of a Chinese tale and a Norwegian tale, it was a fun, adventurous and beautifully illustrated story.


The Boy Who Held Back the Sea, paintings by Thomas Locker and retelling by Lenny Hort- A familiar folktale with masterful and dramatic illustrations depicting the sweeping scenery of the setting.

Katje, the Windmill Cat by Gretchen Woelfle- Princess K loves cats, so I thought she would enjoy this story with warm, captivating illustrations.  I ended up tearing up at this beautiful tale that is based on a historical account.


Mozart in the World’s Greatest Composers series by Mike Venezia- a fun recounting of Mozart’s life.  We also read a picture book based on his opera, The Magic Flute, which was a very strange tale.

The Frog’s Wedding from the collection Around the World in 80 Tales– a fun little fairytale about a frog who learns to talk and marries a prince.


The Apple and the Arrow by Mary Buff and Conrad Buff- A short chapter book recounting the legend of William Tell.  We read a chapter every day and on the third day, I asked the kids what they remembered from yesterday’s reading.  Z-urchin (my 2 year old!) piped up, “Shot apple off head!”  I was very impressed.  At the beginning of reading this adventure, we found on YouTube an orchestra playing the William Tell Overture and listened to some of it.  That was cool.

Pitschi by Hans Fischer- A cute little story of a kitten who wishes to be something else.

France-  (we ate French Toast for dinner!)

The Sleeping Beauty in a collection of French fairy tales- a crazy and interesting version of Sleeping Beauty that focuses more on what happens after she wakes up than on the events leading up to the 100 year sleep.

Puss in Boots in the same collection- a fun fairytale about a cat and a third son.  We enjoyed the tale.

My Little Orsay– A book purchased for us by my mother-in-law when she visited Paris a few years ago.  The book shows pictures of paintings and sculptures found in the Orsay Museum.  It was neat to see many French works of art.  After looking at the art in this book (and seeing a Monet and a Renoir), we took a walk around our house and found our Monet (a print of the Japanese Footbridge painting) and our Renoir (a print of A Girl with a Watering Can).

Bangers and Mash (without the gravy)

“Bangers and Mash”  (without the gravy)

England- (We ate “Bangers and Mash”- sausage and mashed potatoes for dinner!)

Moses the Kitten in James Herriot’s Treasury for Children– An adorable story we’ve read before and greatly enjoyed.

The Tale of Peter Rabbit by Beatrix Potter- Another story we’ve read previously and enjoyed.

The Church Mouse by Graham Oakley- I look forward to reading this book this weekend, to conclude our England studies.

Phonics, Math, and Copywriting-  We are working through consonant blends and digraphs and X-man is excited to begin being able to read more words that he finds around the house or community.  We are working slowly through Right Start Math and we are still greatly enjoying it and the games we play.  We started the handwriting curriculum, Delightful Handwriting, bought from Simply Charlotte Mason, and I look forward to seeing their handwriting improve.  They think writing in rice or on the whiteboard is great fun!

Delightful Handwriting

Writing in rice


Writing on whiteboards

Writing on whiteboards

Delightful Handwriting

Delightful Handwriting

Cutting shapes

Cutting shapes

A square

A square

Geo-reflector... the kids love it when we use this in math!

Geo-reflector… the kids love it when we use this in math!

Sounding out SH emphatically

Sounding out SH emphatically

Poetry- This past week, we had a special poetry time.  It was raining outside and a little bit cold that day.  We happened to have animal crackers in the cupboard, so I offered the kids animal crackers and cocoa for snack.  So of course, we had to read the poem, “Animal Crackers,” by Christopher Morley.  Then we read a few other poems in my poetry book (a scrapbook I’m working on putting together of my favorite poems), including one about a lovable girl (for Valentine’s Day) and a few about falling snow.  The kids then wondered how snow was formed, so I pulled out a Charlie Brown encyclopedia on weather and we all found out together how snow is formed.  It was a very fun snack time.

Animals crackers and cocoa to drink, that is the finest of suppers I think

Animals crackers and cocoa to drink, that is the finest of suppers I think

When I'm grown up and can have what I please, I think I shall always insist upon these

When I’m grown up and can have what I please, I think I shall always insist upon these

We’ve got our books all ready for next week!  Goodbye Europe, Hello Asia!


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