Our Favorite Easter Picture Books


1.  Petook An Easter Story – We love this story!  A great tale of a rooster present at the first Easter Sunday.

2.  Jan Brett’s The Easter Egg– A sweet story with robins, eggs, and bunnies.  A beautiful tale of compassion.

3.  The Matzah Man A Passover Story- My children recognized this as a version of The Gingerbread Man and it was quite a fun read.

4.  The Matzah That Papa Brought Home– I really enjoyed the rhythm of this story and it told the traditions of the Passover well.

5.  The Parable of the Lily- A cute story about a little girl who gets an Easter lily bulb as a gift from her father.  We always read this the day of our Easter countdown that we get our Easter lily.

6.  Bunny’s Easter Egg- Fun story with really cute illustrations.  This is really a story for our younger children, but all of the kids really get into hunting for the Easter eggs in the pages.

7.  The Story of Easter by Christopher Doyle- Of all the picture books that relate the Easter story, I like this one the best.

And here is a question for any of you- did anyone of you ever read the story, Haffertee’s First Easter?  I remember reading this very fun and brief chapter book about a little stuffed hamster who learns the meaning of Easter when I was a child.  My mother and sister don’t remember it!  I think my grandma may have bought me the book.  Boy, that was a cute story.  It is part of a whole series about Haffertee.  If I can’t find it buried in some book box that arrived in my garage when my mom cleared out hers and gave me all of my old stuff, I might have to pick up a used copy on Amazon.


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