Memorable Moments: Weeks 25, 26, 27- The Middle East

The last few weeks have been quite fun!  We’ve had birthdays and company, outings and adventures, and of course, some school fit in there somewhere too.

The highlights of the last few weeks:

Bible– We read the stories about Esther (which fit right into our Persian studies!), Gideon and some stories in their Awana books and memorized their Awana verses.  Tomorrow is the last day of Awana for this year!  How time flies!  We’ve been reviewing all the hymns we’ve learned so far and I think we’ll go with “Crown Him with Many Crowns” next.  My princess will like that.

“Trip Around the World”-

In my last Memorable Moments post, I mentioned that I planned to read Never Ending Greenness to finish up our Israel studies.  What a great story and lesson that was!  I started by showing them pictures on the computer of a desert and a forest.  We discussed the differences between these two habitats and where we would rather live.  We all agreed that we’d rather live in a forest.  Then I read the book about a boy who has a dream to plant trees in Israel and fulfills his own dream with persistence, patience and hard work.  The kids then decided that they needed to go care for our baby orange tree and so that is what they did.  They worked the ground and gave it water.  They had a blast.

Where would you rather live- desert or forest?

Where would you rather live- desert or forest?

Caring for baby orange tree

Caring for baby orange tree

Then we started our studies of the other countries of the Middle East.  We read several fun books:

The Tale of Ali Babba and the Forty Thieves– A bit of a violent tale, but one my children enjoyed.  They liked the magic and the happy ending.

Aladdin and the Wonderful Lamp– A long story we split up into three readings.  It was quite a fun story of adventure and magic and the transformation of a bad boy into a good prince.

The Three Princes– A good story of wonders and wisdom and love.

Golden Sandal- A Cinderella tale that my daughter enjoyed.

Persian Cinderella– Another sweet Cinderella story.

The Legend of the Persian Carpet– A story of color and the love of a people for their good king.

Another CM-style reading lesson

Another CM-style reading lesson

Phonics, Math & Copywork– We continue to practice words with the Victory Drill Book.  We also added in a Charlotte Mason lesson.  We are going to go through Billy and Blaze -a book my son received for Christmas and hasn’t read in awhile, but enjoyed.  Now I am helping him to learn to read it himself.  We used the foam magnetic letters and cut out words to learn the words.  Then I had him create the first sentence of the story with the cut out words.  Lastly, I had him read from the book.  He did not realize until he was able to read from the book that he had learned these words.  Boy, his face when he read directly out of the book was priceless and precious!  Worth the effort it took to put the lesson together!  We’ll keep on going with these.

We’ve been working on adding with tally marks and counting by tens in math.  We’ve been continuing the work through Delightful Handwriting and I’m so pleased to notice an improvement in my children’s handwriting.  It is very encouraging.

We also took a couple trips to the zoo (with our new membership!), enjoyed the spring weather and climbed trees, and celebrated X-man’s 6th birthday!  Earlier today, I posted a complete description of his Star Wars party.

Climbing the Cherry Tree

Climbing the Cherry Tree

Outing to the zoo

Outing to the zoo

He loved his Angry Birds Star Wars jammies from his Auntie and his Angry Birds Star Wars Jenga from his uncle- this is one hapy birthday boy!

He loved his Angry Birds Star Wars jammies from his Auntie and his Angry Birds Star Wars Jenga from his uncle- this is one hapy birthday boy!

We have started our books for India already and plan to continue this week.



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