Memorable Moments: Week 28- India

This past week Baby Shortstop and I were pretty sick.  He also had a birthday this past week and a party on Saturday,  so altogether, not much school happened.

Here is a very brief summary of our week:

Ruth gleaning in Boaz's fields

Ruth gleaning in Boaz’s fields

Bible- Scotty read the story of Samson to them and I started the story of Ruth.  One morning, later in the week, when I was starting to feel a little bit better, I used pasta and some little toys to demonstrate the kindness Boaz showed Ruth.  That was actually pretty cool.

“Trip Around the World”-  Last week, we read a book about India and the story Monsoon about a young girl and her family waiting for the rain to come after a long, hot, dusty summer.  Scotty read the kids Rikki-Tikki-Tavi, which was apparently a little bit scary for the Princess, but otherwise well-received.  Then I read Once a Mouse, a little tale about big and little and pride and gratefulness.  Lastly we read The Story of Little Babaji, a story my children greatly enjoyed and thought was very funny.

Other Stuff- I had X-man reread the first page of Billy and Blaze, to keep the ground secured under his feet so that when we return to regular school lessons and phonics, he will be ready for it.  We also did a page in the Victory Drill Book for the same purpose.  Other than this, nothing got done.  They did play creatively together as usual, spend a lot of time outside, and watch some LeapFrog videos.

We celebrated Shortstop’s birthday- as much as we could with a poor, sick baby.   And this weekend, we threw a Mickey Mouse party for him!  That was a whole bunch of fun we all enjoyed.

Happy 1st Birthday, Shortstop!

Happy 1st Birthday, Shortstop!

Now I better go order my books for next week!


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