Memorable Moments: Our final weeks- South America & Australia

Princess K's Princess Party

Princess K’s Princess Party

This post is quite late.  We finished up our Kindergarten year over a month ago, but have had a crazy 6 weeks.  My husband got a new job in the town where he grew up (and where almost his whole family currently lives), 2 hours north of where we were living.   Therefore July was filled with spending time with friends we were leaving, packing up our stuff, and hauling it all north on top of our normal celebrations of Princess K’s birthday- and beautiful party, Hubby’s birthday, our anniversary, and my birthday.  We love our new place and are delighted to be so close to grandparents and aunts and uncles and cousins.

So even though I’m thinking more about planning and preparing for this next year (when I have a chance between all the unpacking and organizing), I want to post this final Memorable Moments about our last few weeks of Kindergarten.

Throughout the last few weeks of June, gradually and remarkably unceremoniously, we finished our “Trip Around the World” and X-man’s Kindergarten year.  I did not have the kids put flags on their binders for every country we studied like I wanted to do.  I did not eat food from every country we studied like I wanted to.  We did not dress up and we did not make all that many crafts.

But we did read a lot of really great tales from around the world.  For a practice homeschool  year, I am going to go ahead and call that success.

We read stories from South America and Australia:

Picture Book of Simon Bolivar– a brief and simple introduction to the “George Washington” of South America.  It was a good introduction to South America as a whole, actually, as it mentioned several countries.


Jabuti the Tortoise A Trickster Tale from the Amazon– a fun and colorful story about a flute playing tortoise.

The Great Kapok Tree A Tale of the Amazon Rain Forest- the illustrations are beautiful and the information presented about how each rain forest creature depends on the Kapok tree is interesting, but it is not a story.

How the Night Came from the Sea A Story from Brazil- a boldly and brightly illustrated story about welcoming the night after a very, very, very long daytime.


Mariana and the Merchild- A beautiful and sweet story of how the life of a woman is transformed by choosing to take care of a merchild for a little while until her mother can take her back.


My Mama’s Little Ranch on the Pampas- another fun and colorful story about two children who spend their summers at a ranch their mother owns and manages.


Are We There Yet? -a story of a family who spends 6 months traveling around the continent of Australia, seeing many amazing things along the way.  It was a good introduction to the country.

Koala Lou- A sweet little story of a mother’s unconditional love.  All the kids enjoyed this story.

The Gift Stone- An enjoyable story with lovely illustrations about a girl who lives in an opal mine and finds a large opal.

And with that, we are done with X-man’s Kindergarten year!  Woohoo!

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