Trip to the County Fair

We’ve been in our new home for two weeks now and we are still plugging away at unpacking and organizing our home.  Still, we’ve found time to explore our new area.  On a Saturday, our second weekend here, we visited the County Fair and had a blast.

It was a glorious day and we started with eating the lunch we packed and taking a ride on the Merry-Go-Round.  The kids had fun choosing exactly which animal they wanted to sit on.



The kids really wanted to keep riding rides, but we decided to dangle that carrot ahead of them in exchange for some good behavior while we explored the rest of the fair.  So we visited the Hall of Flowers where the theme this year was “Backyard Blossoms.”  The displays of flowers were spectacular.  The kids- especially Z-urchin were fascinated by a bright and sparkly little train zooming around one flower exhibit.  They also laughed and laughed at the man made all from garden pots and sitting on a bench.

The Flower Show

The Flower Show

Next, we decided to go on a mission: Find the Clover Stornetta booth and obtain our free ice cream cones!  My husband remembered having free Clover ice cream cones when he came to this fair as a kid with his parents, so we decided to discover if this tradition had continued.  Much to everyone’s delight, it has!

Free Ice Cream!

Free Ice Cream and Silly Kids

We then found a building with a bunch of baby animals.  We saw a baby calf, a bunch of baby piglets romping around, baby chicks and ducks and some grown up cows and horses.  We also hung around the beekeeper’s tent much longer than I thought I would be comfortable with (I have a bee-phobia; my husband claims it is due to the fact that I have never been stung, but I’m not so much afraid of the sting as I am of the fact that part of the bee would remain and then I would have to do something about it).  It turns out that this bee stuff was really interesting.  The beekeeper told us all about the life cycle of the bee , how bees know where to go and the fact that a single bee makes only 1/12 of a teaspoon of honey in its entire life.  Wow!  We bought a few sticks of honey- both wildflower honey and orange blossom honey.  It was very interesting to taste the difference.  The kids definitely liked taste testing that honey!Sonoma County Fair3

Finally, it was time for rides!  The older kids chose to go down a monster slide together (though the ride required closed toed shoes, which Princess K was not wearing, so she had to wear her little brother’s shoes which are, coincidentally, the same size) and then go on a speeding circular ride.  My daredevil daughter especially loved that one.  Z-urchin chose to ride on the train ride, then a truck ride, and then a bouncing truck ride!  They had a fantastic time!  The rides were so exciting and I am so glad we saved those for the end.

Sonoma County Fair4It was a beautiful and lovely day at the fair!



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