Our K/1st Curriculum Plan

I can’t believe it has been a whole year since we started on this homeschool adventure.  Practice year completed.  First official year to commence.

It has been crazy around here with trying to unpack boxes, figure out where things go all the while caring for four children, one of whom turned from baby to toddler our first day in the new house and is busy trying to make sure older brother Z-urchin doesn’t get all the glory for the trouble causing.  We had a serious Cocoa-tastrophe this week and anything that he picks up he thoughtfully drops into the trashcan.  That is good if it is a popsicle stick or cheese stick wrapper.  Less good if it is a toy, puzzle piece, or a brother’s prized possession.

Shortstop and The Cocoa-tastrophe

Shortstop and The Cocoa-tastrophe

Anyway, thankfully for the goal of ever starting school this year, I got the majority of my planning done in May.  I do have some small adjustments to make due to the fact that we did not start on Monday, as scheduled.  I hope to start the week after next.  I am considering this year to be a K/1st Combo with a few preschoolers jumbled into the mix to keep everything interesting.  So here are my curriculum choices/plans for this year:

Bible: New Testament Stories (my own curriculum) & missionary stories; Continue studying virtues, working on habits, memorizing verses and learning hymns

History: American History with Stories of America Volumes 1 & 2 from Simply Charlotte Mason.  I will be using This Country of Ours by H.E. Marshall as a reference and we will read good stories and biographies of Americans and good literature depicting the era or event according to Stories of America schedule; many book choices will be selected from my hugely helpful history literature list All Through the Ages.

Math: We will finish RightStart Level A and then begin RightStart Level B with X-man (1st grade) and do RightStart Level A with Princess K

Phonics: I have been creating my own phonics lessons based on my understanding of Charlotte Mason’s methods using the book Billy and Blaze by C.W. Anderson.  I will continue these lessons with X-man and then use Frog and Toad when we finish Billy and Blaze.  With Princess K, I will do these type lessons with Penny and Her Doll by Kevin Henkes (and then Penny and her Song and Penny and her Marble).  We will also use The Victory Drill Book and I will use The Ordinary Parents Guide to Teaching Reading as my reference and to supplement my lessons as needed.

Copywork:  Delightful Handwriting from the website Simply Charlotte Mason.

Science:  106 Days of Creation Studies again, from the website Simply Charlotte Mason.  We will also continue with our normal Nature Study with the Outdoor Hour Challenge or using resources from the Handbook of Nature Study blog.

Foreign Language: I would like to start teaching the kids Spanish this year and I’ve thought about getting a DVD/learning kit called Kid Start Spanish.  (I better decide soon!)

GeographyPaddle-to-the-Sea and U.S. geography as it comes up in our History readings.

Art: Artist study with 6 American artists (we will read biographies about the artist’s life and study their art); we will use Usborne learning to draw books and the book Drawing with Children and take the time to learn other handicrafts as the children are interested.

Music: Composer study with 6 American composers (biographies, listening to their work).  Piano lessons with daddy (and Alfred’s Basic Piano Lesson Books).

Physical Education: We will use “Kids in Motion,” (CD)  “Just Dance Kids,” (Wii game) and other DVDs or games as we get them.

I also plan to read poetry and fun books (for example, I am really excited to read The Chronicles of Narnia to my kids!) this year.  I also need to be sure to plan activities for Z-urchin and Shortstop as days will go much more smoothly with  plans in place (more on that later).

So that’s my plan for the year!  We’ll see how it works.


5 thoughts on “Our K/1st Curriculum Plan

  1. Michelle,
    Sound like you have a wonderful year planned! I enjoyed looking up some of the websites you referenced. Wow! They sure make it easier to use some of those wonderful resources and ideas. The Handbook of Nature Study blog was especially beautiful and helpful–wish we’d had that back when! Btw, when you study American artists, be sure to check out Benjamin West and His Cat Grimalkin by Marguerite Henry. It may not be entirely historically accurate, but it’s a fun book in its own right. I enjoyed finally getting to see one or two of West’s paintings at the National Gallery of Art. Of course, now it’s easy to look things like that up on the web….

    And thanks for the laugh over your cocoa-tastrophe! 🙂 Miss you guys already!

    • Hi Sue! Thank you! Oh yes, the Handbook of Nature Study blog is great! We love all of her tips and challenges and information. I’ll be sure to check out Benjamin West and His Cat Grimalkin- thanks for the recommendation! It’ll go on my art/artist list. And I’m glad you enjoyed the cocoa-tastrophe- it’s laugh or cry, right? We miss you guys too!!!!

    • Oh my goodness, we miss you too! And thanks! I’m hoping it will be a good year, I’ve got some fun ideas percolating in the brain and I’m excited.

  2. Hahaha! What a cutie! My little ball of energy is a Cleaner Picker Upper, as well. If fact, I finally broke (and am now broke) and bought myself a new smartphone, because I think my old one was a casualty of toddler cleanliness.

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