Memorable Moments: Shadows, Noise, and Narnia

Our second week of school is finished.  We time traveled back to 1492 and sailed with Columbus on the ocean blue.  The kids again enjoyed drawing pictures of what we read to place in their top secret files.  We really enjoyed the biography by the d’Aulaires.  We did not enjoy- X-man, especially- Pedro’s Journal, a historical fiction about a ship’s boy who journeyed with Columbus .  Perhaps it was the style of writing or the preachiness of it that we didn’t care for, but I finally gave up halfway through.  I normally feel the need to finish books that I start and I know that not everything about school will be enjoyable.  My kids will need to learn perseverance when things are rough or boring or hard.  But in this case, I’m glad I let it go.

We had several really fun adventures in our school week.  Here are the top five:

1.  Shadows- We are going through 106 Days of Creation Studies, a science curriculum I bought at Simply Charlotte Mason.  This week, we studied light and shadows and had fun drawing our shadows throughout the day and creating our own sundials.  The kids really got into these activities.  The first day, we traced around the children’s shadows at 10, 12, and 4 with their feet in exactly the same spot each time.  They noticed how their shadow changed based on where the sun was.  The next day, we used a chopstick, a plastic tub, a paper plate, and markers to create sundials that we marked every hour while the sun was shining.  The next day, we were able to tell time with our sundial.  It was fun!

Shadows on the sidewalk, sundial on the lawn

Shadows on the sidewalk, sundial on the lawn

2.  Princess K beginning her phonics lessons with her new book, Penny and Her Doll.  She loves this book and she is loving the lessons.  She is so proud of herself every time she reads that first page.  It is very rewarding to give her reading lessons.

A very excited princess

A very excited princess

3.  Making a joyful noise to the Lord at our morning Bible class at breakfast, singing Crown Him with Many Crowns and shaking our music makers.  It was beautiful.

A Joyful Noise

A Joyful Noise

4.  Beginning listening to Focus on the Family Radio Theater’s version of  The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe every evening before bedtime.  We are all loving it.  My husband and I have listened to this many times before, but it is an absolute delight to introduce it to my children.  My daughter burrows into me and my son curls up behind the chair every time the White Witch is mentioned.  I love that they are getting into it.

We highly recommend this

5.  Science time with Daddy on Saturday morning- Reflections and Refractions.  I did not get to one of my lessons this past week (we had a little trouble with our Tornadoes this week and not everything planned was accomplished) so the Coach took on one science lesson.  It was great!

Refraction: A quarter at the bottom of a glass of water

Refraction: A quarter at the bottom of a glass of water



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