Memorable Moments: Badges, Boats, and Balloons

Last Week’s Top Five:

1.  Special Agent Badges.  I created badges last weekend, laminated them, and attached them to a badge reel and issued my agents their badges this week.  They used them to enter the special lab where we keep our time machine (aka- the garage).  They all loved their badges.  Princess K would not enter the garage without hers.

Special Agent Badges

Special Agent Badges

2.  For our Bible lesson about Elijah and the widow who made cakes oil and flour, the kids drew pictures in their Bible journals and then narrated the story back to me, and then we made “cakes” out of oil, flour, and water.  I helped them a little, but they did most of the work!  They definitely enjoyed the result!


3.  One day, I asked the kids if they thought air was stronger than books.  They gave me a resounding “No.”  And I said, “Let’s see.”  So we put a deflated balloon under a stack of books and then I blew up the balloon.  The looks on their faces as the inflated balloon knocked over the stack of books was priceless.   Then they all wanted to try.  It was a great lesson.




4.  For math this week, I gave them a stack of tiles of four different colors, a pile of matching color squares cut out of construction paper, and a whole piece of construction paper.  I helped them construct a graph and then had them create a graph comparing the number of different colored tiles they received by gluing the construction paper squares to their paper.  They did very well with this task and it was fun.


5.  For our study of wind, we read chapter 1 of Old Mother West Wind by Thornton Burgess about the Merry Little Breezes who help keep a thieving little boy away from Mother Redbird’s nest of pretty new eggs.  The kids really enjoyed this little story.  Then we made boats.  We used paper and straws for sails and experimented with different sized and shaped tupperware for boats.  It was an activity enjoyed by all.  (Though eventually, the little ones just sunk all boats entering their water space… so the older ones decided to wait until naptime to continue their exploration.)

Boat Creation

Boat Creation

Sailing time

Sailing time

We also read about Captain John Smith and Jamestown, began the book Lion to Guard Us, finished The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe, kept learning “Crown Him with  Many Crowns,” (and Z-urchin, though only almost 3, wanders around the house singing it- I love it!) plugged away at our phonics, and visited an Apple Farm.  It was a great week!



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