Teaching Among Tornadoes: Trick #2, Stamping

11 July2Trying to get homeschooling accomplished while Z-urchin and Shortstop are wandering around, wreaking havoc and leaving a trail of destruction in their path, is challenging to say the least.  We do the bulk of our schooling while Shortstop naps in the morning (though I believe -sadly!- that I am at the brink of the beginning of the end of morning naptime).  That still leaves an almost-three year old very awake and ready to play or cause trouble.

My first trick was watercolor painting.  Here is trick #2:

TaT Stamping

Stamping– This has been a big hit.  He begs to do this.  He tries to sneak this activity when I am busy doing other things.  He’s done this once a week since we started school and it occupies him for a long time- at least a half an hour (for the mom of a 2 year old, an blessed eternity).  In fact, the kids rush to get school done so they can join him.  Then it occupies them for a long time too.  I have a drawer of stamps (three different sets of Melissa and Doug stamps, including vehicles, alphabet, and deluxe stamp set) and a variety of stamp pads.  I have two rules for any child participating in this activity.  First, they must keep all stamps and stamp pads on a placemat.  Second, they must help put all the stamp stuff away after.

Conclusion: It’s messy, but worth it.  We love it!


2 thoughts on “Teaching Among Tornadoes: Trick #2, Stamping

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