Memorable Moments: Clouds, Grapes, and the Water Cycle

This week, we continued our studies on Jamestown through reading Pocahantas by the D’Aulaires and by progressing through A Lion to Guard Us.  We are loving our science curriculum 106 Days of Creation Studies and all the fun activities we do.

Top Five for This Week:

1.  We did the story of King Ahab and Naboth’s vineyard on Monday.  So we ate grapes, looked at pictures of vineyards, and used flannelgraph to tell the story.  When I put my “Naboth” on the computer screen that had pictures of vineyards on it, the kids laughed uproariously.  I’m not sure why it was quite that funny, but I appreciate their appreciation.

Grapes, King Ahab, and Naboth at his vineyard

Grapes, King Ahab, and Naboth at his vineyard

2.  The joy of watching my students learn and improve in math and phonics.

Math & Phonics

Math & Phonics

3.  Science this week was SO fun.  First, we studied clouds.  We looked up types of clouds on the internet and I pointed them out and told them their names.  Then we used cotton balls to form clouds and label them on blue paper.  Finally, we went outside to find clouds to name.  They loved this and then named clouds for the rest of the week.  Princess K especially was very enthusiastic about identifying the clouds she saw.  She exclaimed at the park, “Oh, Mom!  Look up there!  Those are the thin wispy clouds!  I forget their name.”  And then the other day she pointed out the thick clouds on Friday and said, “Those are the thick blanket clouds.  And I think it is going to rain.  You said that when clouds get dark, they are full of water.  So it will rain, right?”  (It did rain that very evening!)  Clouds

Then we studied the water cycle.  First, we got a large bowl and put some water in it.  Then we threw some salt in the water.  The kids stirred up the water and were surprised to see the salt disappear.  They tasted it and were delighted to discover that they had made salt water!  (Like the ocean!)  Then we put an empty small bowl in the middle, covered the whole thing with plastic, and placed a marble in the middle, directly over the small bowl.  We found a warm, sunny place outside to place it and then went on with our school day.  A little after lunch, we checked the bowl and amazing things had occurred.  They noticed little bubbles on the plastic.  We found a little water in the small bowl that hadn’t been there before.  And that water did not taste salty at all!  Amazing!  We watched a video on the water cycle and then used construction paper to illustrate what we learned.  They were so delighted to show Daddy what they had learned!  Later that evening, it rained.  X-man asked me, “Mommy, did you know that it would rain when we studied the water cycle today?”  I replied honestly, “No, I didn’t.  Isn’t that an amazing and wonderful coincidence?”  And he replied, “Yes!  That is INFINITY weird!”


Setting up our little water cycle demonstration

Setting up our little water cycle demonstration

The results of our experiment

The results of our experiment

Water Cycle Diagrams

Water Cycle Diagrams

4.  Free Time Creations- One day this week in their free time, they decided to make a surprise for me.  So they built me an astronaut!  They were very excited about this little guy and then decided to take turns being the astronaut.  I love their creativity and imagination.

Life At Home2

And this little guy was so excited just to be around his big brothers and sister.  He is so very cute.

Life At Home3

5.  Our fall nature walk at a nearby park.  What a great time we had!  I’ll do a full Outdoor Hour post soon.

Nature Study


*Bonus Cuteness- Today the older two children went to Awana and we had some special time with our preschoolers.  Daddy and Z-urchin mowed the lawn together (starting that training young!) and Shortstop and I took a walk to the park.  What a precious afternoon.

1 September 20136

1 September 20135




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