Fall Fun Day with Apples

Apple FunLast Sunday, we celebrated the first day of Fall with an afternoon of apple picking.  We came home with about 20 pounds of apples.  I thought it would be fun to have an Apple Day.  So on Friday, that’s what we did.

We started our day by reading the Parable of the Sower in Matthew 13.  The musical story of Antshillvania we have on CD has a charming song retelling this parable, so we listened to that too.

Of course, we read Johnny Appleseed and then headed to the kitchen for our snack of apple slices, crackers and cheese.  I cut the apple horizontally instead of vertically to starry slices (they were pretty impressed and that was fun).  While they munched, I read to them about the life cyce of the apple.  We then drew our own apple life cycles on construction paper.September 2013

September 20131

Linked on the last Outdoor Hour Challenge newsletter was a tutorial on how to make chalk pastel apples (or pumpkins) from Hodgepodge.  We all watched the video tutorial together and then created our own pastel apples.

September 20132

Wow, the kids had a blast.  They loved using the pastels.  I can see this is a medium we will need to explore some more.  Our apples are hanging on our whiteboard- lovely little fall decorations in our schoolroom, which is also known as our kitchen.

September 20133

Finally, we used a few of our hand picked apples to make apple crisp with an oatmeal streusel topping.  It was fun to work together and the result, accompanied by vanilla ice cream, was delicious.

September 20134


It was refreshing- as refreshing as a crisp apple on a warm, sunny, fall day- to have a change of pace in the school week.  My students were enthusiastic, my preschoolers could join in the fun, and it was an delightful break from our regular studies.  As I reflect on this, I am thinking my children would enjoy selecting a topic for a day like this- a mini-unit day.  I wonder what they would pick.

I’ve accomplished half of the goals from my “Fall Bucket List” with plenty of time left in the season to complete the rest.  Perhaps in a few weeks we’ll have a pumpkin day.


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