Memorable Moments: Autumn Walks, Apples & Chalk

Top Five Fun Things We Did This Week:

1.  They created “Teen Books” for math.  That is, they made a page for each number 11-19 (actually, I could not get them to stop at 19, they had to go to 20).  They found little stickers and made cute little booklets and were very proud of them.  X-man decided to keep one theme throughout his booklet.  He titled it, “The Rescue Number Book.”  All of his pages had a sentence: “11 Soldiers going to the rescue.”  Then, “12 Trucks going to the rescue.”  And so on.

1 September 201314

Finding the right stickers for their booklets. Princess K would only use ones she deemed “pretty.” X-man only used soldier themed stickers.

2.  Playing “I Spy” in our backyard and accomplishing our Fall Fun Grid for our Outdoor Hour Challenge.   While we were playing, we noticed the types of clouds in the sky.  We’ve all been noticing clouds more frequently since studying them a few weeks ago.  I love witnessing the growth in us all as we learn.  It is so invigorating.

MM- Clouds


1 September 201313

Playing “I Spy”

3.  Creating Chalk Pastel Apples.  The kids loved using the pastels so much.  It was a brief activity and required very little set-up and we enjoyed so thoroughly.  I have been looking over at Hodgepodge and there are tons of pastel tutorials and ideas.  I am very excited to do some of these with the kids in the coming days, weeks, and months.

September 20133

4.  Our Autumn Outing where we collected leaves and acorns, watched the wind rushing through the trees while we ate our picnic lunch and then we hopped on wooden posts and crunched leaves under our feet.

X-man was counting how many he could hop in a row without falling.  He got to 7.

X-man was counting how many he could hop in a row without falling. He got to 7.

5.  Watching my older son read to my youngest son.  What a precious moment that was.

MM Reading

Next week is our official catch-up week.  I’m so glad I planned those in!  I need it!


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