Teaching Among Tornadoes: Trick #4, School Supplies

11 July2Trying to get homeschooling done is quite challenging with little ones around.  Planning special activities for them can mean a few minutes to focus on teaching the older ones.  Sometimes, however, my preschooler is done with one activity before I’m ready for him to be done.  So that leads to trick #4- Using materials I have on hand in the schoolroom.

First, I handed Z-urchin a pair of kid scissors and some construction paper strips.  It took him a little while to figure out how to use the scissors properly.  Then he took a few minutes to cut to his heart’s content.

Cutting practice

Cutting practice

Conclusion:  Since part of the activity was trying to figure out how to use the scissors, I don’t know that repeating it super often would be helpful.  But it worked at the time and he enjoyed using the scissors.  I think I will try this again… in awhile.

Second, I gave Z-urchin a dry erase board and marker like the ones we were using for math.  He loved writing on it, though it required a little supervision so that he wouldn’t use the marker to write on all other surfaces he could find (and there are a lot of surfaces around).

TaT Dry EraseConclusion: A good activity to repeat from time to time.  Hopefully a little training will help with keeping the marking all on the correct surface.


2 thoughts on “Teaching Among Tornadoes: Trick #4, School Supplies

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