Memorable Moments: Catch Up Week

This week was our first scheduled catch up week. We finished up A Lion to Guard Us, did a few handwriting pages, and read Jamestown, New World Adventure- a book that had not been available at the library on schedule. We also took the time to do some extra little fun things. These extras were the highlights of the week-

1. Snuggling with X-man while he read a chapter from Frog and Toad to me. At the beginning of the week, he read only one or two pages a day because he was easily fatigued from the hard work of decoding the words. The third time we did this, he got so caught up in the story that he didn’t want to stop. We laughed together and he finished the chapter- and wanted to keep going. I am so excited that he found delight in reading a story himself. I am hoping that this is the beginning of a life-long love of reading.

A love of reading begins

A love of reading begins


2. Going through a few art lessons through the book, Drawing with Children.  We did this nearly every day this week. They loved the drawing lessons. I need to encourage Princess K to keep practicing and keep working at it, for she wants her drawings to end up like what she sees in the book. And then when it doesn’t, she flings her head into her arms and weeps. But I am encouraged that they commented that what it takes to learn to draw is to look carefully.
We had a lot of fun drawing lines and dots and circle designs. We also drew birds and lions. Princess K was very excited to draw Aslan, as we have been listening to Focus on the Family Radio Theater- The Horse and His Boy.

2 October 20131

Winnie the Pooh3. Reading Winnie the Pooh outside, under our tree, on a breezy day. It was a lovely day and a refreshing time.

4. Discussing the three different paintings we’ve looked at by Winslow Homer. We’ve looked at Snap the Whip, Canoe in the Rapids, and The Bridle Path. We discussed their favorite (both liked The Bridle Path the best) and the colors and the subjects. It is neat to see their powers of observation grow and develop.  They are able to tell back to me colors of objects and small details from the paintings.  We discuss the subjects of the paintings- who they are, what they are doing, where they are going, and why they are doing these things.  It is great fun to engage them in these conversations and so much fun to hear their thoughts.  These art studies get me excited about the adults they will become and the conversations I’ll have with them then.

5. Family Devotions time singing How Great Thou Art and listening to Bible stories and finishing The Horse and His Boy. It is sweet fellowship time with the family! I love it!


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