Teaching Among Tornadoes: Trick #5, Leap Frog

11 July2


This year, I am exploring many different ways to keep my preschoolers busy during school time so that I can squeeze a little teaching into my day and so that they will not run around the house destroying everything that they see.  It works some of the time.  The other things I have tried include watercolors, stamping, new toys such as Hot Dots, Jr. and The Sorting Pie, and using classroom supplies such as child safe scissors and dry erase board and markers.

So on to trick #5- School Videos.  My Netflix streaming account has proven extremely valuable in keeping my preschoolers occupied, entertained, and out of trouble while I get some school done.  They have several of the Leap Frog vidoes and these are perfect for my little preschooler.  A few times a week (or some weeks, once a day), I let Z-urchin choose one Leap Frog movie to watch.  Each one lasts about a half an hour, which is enough time for me to get in a good math lesson and maybe even a little phonics with the older two.  He loves his special school movie time and I appreciate the peace.


5 thoughts on “Teaching Among Tornadoes: Trick #5, Leap Frog

    • All shows we watch must be available on Netflix. So we haven’t seen Bubble Guppies yet. But I see that I can get the disc on Netflix, so I’ll have to check it out- it looks like fun! Boy do my kids loooove movies! 🙂 They are good motivators, aren’t they?

    • I can now say that we’ve seen Bubble Guppies (at my mom’s house when we were visiting last month). What a delightful little show! The little ones loved it.

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