Teaching Among Tornadoes: Trick #7, Seashells

11 July2

It has been a long while since I posted any tips for teaching with preschoolers around.  Life got a little crazy with illness, birthdays, holidays, company, parties and all that fun stuff.  However, school has started up again so I am back to working on ways to keep my preschoolers happy and occupied so I can squeeze a little school into my day.

My list of tricks so far:

1. Watercolors

2. Stamping

3. New Toy (i.e. Hot Dots and Sorting Pie)

4. School Supplies (i.e. safety scissors & construction paper, dry erase board & marker)

5. Leap Frog videos

6. Pipe Cleaner Sculpture

And now, Trick #7: Seashell Sorting

Seashell PlayI gave him two jars filled with seashells and spent an amazing amount of time for a kid who is only a year and a half dumping the seashells out and filling the jars back up.  Next time I will use plastic tupperware instead of glass jars, for my own peace of mind (and for the sake of my ears!) and probably add a few cups or other items he can use to scoop.

Conclusion: An excellent open-ended activity that was actually not terribly messy!  We will try this again for sure.


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