Memorable Moments from January: Skating, Space & Surveying

This month, we have been struggling to get back into a normal routine after the holiday season.  With the stomach flu tearing through our house (twice) and my trip to Hawaii with my sister (I’m grinning right now, thinking about it), we’ve really only had time for the basics.  I’m anxious to get back to doing all the fun creative things that add richness, depth, and life to my kids’ education.  Meanwhile, there have definitely been some really awesome moments this month.

1.  Ice Skating lessons with a homeschool group.  My kids are loving it!

5 January 2014

2.  Learning about shapes (and finishing our first math book: Right Start A!)- I placed several objects that were spheres, rectangular prisms, cylinders, and cones on the kitchen table and I taught the kids the names of the objects and then we identified them together.  The next day, I pulled out some play-dough and had them form a cone, cylinder, sphere, and rectangular prism.  They really enjoyed this math lesson- the last lesson of Right Start Level A.  We are now a few lessons into Right Start B.  Woohoo!

Princess K pretends to lick her play-dough cone.

Princess K pretends to lick her play-dough cone.

3.  X-man teaching himself multiplication.  Earlier this week, a Rhett & Link  song led my husband to explain what one times one means.  The next day, in the car, X-man was contemplating this.  He stated, “2 times 2 is 4.”  And then he asked, “What is 4 times 4?”  We talked it through together and he figured it out himself.  I’m so proud!  (And so is Daddy!)

4.  Being Surveyors.  This week, our history reading was George Washington by the D’Aulaires.  The first day, we read about his childhood and the kids decided to draw George Washington on a pony for their notebook page.  The second day we read about Washington’s young adulthood spent surveying and mapmaking.  X-man came up with a brilliant idea: instead of drawing a picture for his notebook page, he wanted to go outside and survey our yard and make a map of it.  So that’s what they did.  And their maps were impressive.



5.  Studying Space.  We’ve read Sunshine Makes the Seasons and The Moon Book.  The kids had great questions and good comprehension in our reading and our subsequent discussions about the earth, the sun, and the moon.  I demonstrated the earth’s revolution and rotation using our inflatable globe and using the overhead light as our sun.  X-man and Princess K were both able to relate some interesting facts about what they learned to their daddy at the dinner table.

6.  Free Time Fun with Art- their Auntie got them art things for Christmas- instruction books for X-man and a little light projector drawing toy for Princess K.  They have had so much fun during quiet time working on their drawings.


7.  Our Hymn Study- We’ve been learning the hymn, “Jesus What a Friend for Sinners.”  Princess K told me the other day, “Mommy, I can’t get our new hymn out of my head!”  Ah, yes, dear!  That’s the point.

8.  Shortstop’s Drawing.  He draws over everything he can reach as often as he can.  He loves drawing.  And I must say, I’m impressed with his pencil holding skills.  None of my other kids were able to hold pencils correctly at that age.  Maybe he’s going to be the artist of the family.  Based on his current favorite medium, I expect he’ll paint murals on walls… or floors… or doors.  (Thank goodness for Magic Eraser!)

Life at Home6




2 thoughts on “Memorable Moments from January: Skating, Space & Surveying

  1. Hi Michelle,
    Came via Outdoor Hour carnival and got sidetracked to your other posts as well. Lovely to read about the things you are doing with your family.

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