Teaching Among Tornadoes: Trick #8 Sticky Sticks

11 July2

With Ice Skating lessons for the older children, and airplane trips across the country, I’ve needed to use these tricks to occupy preschoolers for more than just school time.

This is my eighth trick for entertaining preschoolers so that I can get some school done with the older kids.  But this trick is particularly portable, so I took it with us to the ice skating rink and then on the airplane and to the other coast of the country.

My previous tricks are these:

1. Watercolors

2. Stamping

3. New Toy (i.e. Hot Dots and Sorting Pie)

4. School Supplies (i.e. safety scissors & construction paper, dry erase board & marker)

5. Leap Frog videos

6. Pipe Cleaner Sculpture

7. Seashells

My eighth trick is this: Sticky Sticks.

Teaching among Tornadoes1

I forget where I got this idea… probably on some site giving tons of great ideas for toddler busy bags.  To make them, I took some jumbo craft sticks (colored, for good measure) and adhered some velcro dots to the ends and middles.  Presto: a fun open-ended toy that really was super easy and fast to make.

Z-urchin did not need too much help figuring out what to do with these.  He’s played with them a whole lot in the last month and they are still interesting.  He makes simple shapes and more elaborate designs and sometimes just strings them together in one big long line and trails it after him.  They are easily breakable (and very attractive to my sister’s dog it turned out), but since they are so easy to make, I don’t mind.

Teaching among Tornadoes

Conclusion: Easy to make, the possibilities are endless, and it is very portable.  I do need to be careful about overuse- I don’t want this little treasure to get boring!  Perhaps since it is so easy to cart around (it takes up very little space- just a baggie of craft sticks), I’ll keep it in my diaper bag as a out of the house toy rather than using it during school hours.


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