Teaching Among Tornadoes: Trick #9, Magnets

11 July2

Trying to homeschool two older children when I have two very active preschoolers whose main goal in life is to seek and destroy can be a bit of a challenge.  So I keep some tricks up my sleeve and keep trying new things to see what might capture their attention for a little while so that I might sneak in some school.

My previous tricks are these:

1. Watercolors

2. Stamping

3. New Toy (i.e. Hot Dots and Sorting Pie)

4. School Supplies (i.e. safety scissors & construction paper, dry erase board & marker)

5. Leap Frog videos

6. Pipe Cleaner Sculpture

7. Seashells

8. Sticky Sticks

My new trick is: Magnets.


Awhile ago, I gave Z-urchin some adorable ceramic animal magnets that he really enjoyed.  However, being the three year old that he is, a few dropped and broke.  I decided to hold off on offering those again until he can be a bit more careful.  So instead, I gave him and Shortstop some foam magnet letters and a cookie sheet and they went to town.  They had a lot of fun pulling out the magnets from the box and putting them on the cookie sheet.  Of course, they ended up dumping the whole box of magnets on the floor… twice.

Now that actually turned out to be a good thing.  This activity had two fun components: magnets and dumping and filling.  They picked those magnets back up and stuffed them in the box, only to do this fun action again.

My conclusion: Super easy for me and for them.  The mess wasn’t so bad and they picked up most of it- in fact, picking up was part of the fun!  We should definitely do this again!


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