Teaching Among Tornadoes: Trick #10 Dry Erase Handwriting Cards

11 July2

Homeschooling is a whole lot noisier than I thought it would be before I actually embarked upon the adventure.  With toddlers and preschoolers screaming, crying, yelling, even screeching with delight and joy, it is hard to get my voice heard to anyone about anything, especially anything school related.  Some days, I feel like my preschoolers are on a specific mission to sabotage any educational attempts I make.  My attempts to counteract these agents of destruction are only occasionally met with temporary and minor success.

I’ve been recording some of these attempts here:

1. Watercolors

2. Stamping

3. New Toy (i.e. Hot Dots and Sorting Pie)

4. School Supplies (i.e. safety scissors & construction paper, dry erase board & marker)

5. Leap Frog videos

6. Pipe Cleaner Sculpture

7. Seashells

8. Sticky Sticks

9. Magnets

My most recent trick was actually initiated by my 3 1/2 year old son.  I was handing out dry erase handwriting cards to my older two for a change of pace in our copywork (handwriting) lessons.  Z-urchin decided he really wanted to join in on the fun.  So I handed him and Shortstop each a card and a dry erase marker and let them at it.

I thought that they would just draw on the card- or on the blank back of the card.  Shortstop indeed did just scribble.  But Z-urchin surprised me.  He actually tried to trace the letters accurately and he did a pretty good job, for a 3 year old boy.

One thing I did learn pretty quickly that Shortstop (who is almost 2) needed to be strapped into the high chair for this activity unless I was in dire need of dry erase marks all over every surface of the kitchen.  Which I wasn’t.

8 April 2014

Conclusion:  This is actually a fantastic activity for every day use.  Every day I pull out a card for the older two, Z-urchin wants to do it too.  It doesn’t last very long (5-10 minutes) but it gives me a few minutes to make sure the older two are writing their letters correctly and then gives me a little bit of peace while I prepare their snack.

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