A Summer Tradition: Olallieberry Picking



I love traditions.  I have always loved my traditions.  I was the tradition keeper of my family at Christmastime when I was a teenager.  I knew in detail exactly what should be done each minute of Christmas morning.  My mother used to say  that if we’ve done it once and Michelle likes it, it is a tradition (therefore I felt the right to force that upon our family forevermore afterwards).

This brings us to Olallieberry Picking.  Though we’ve done it only twice now, it is totally a tradition.  We went olallieberry picking with some friends last June and I loved it so much I decided it would be our new June tradition.  Therefore, we did it again this June.

It was SO much fun!


We went with friends again (the same friends as last year- they live near the olallieberry farm) on Father’s Day and spent a lovely foggy morning picking berries and later had delicious pie.

I wrote about this last year, but in case you are interested again, here are a few fun facts about olallieberries:

1.  Olallie is Chinook jargon for berry.  I’m not sure why the official namers felt the need to add berry after the word Olallie.  Maybe it was the same people who had us say “PIN Number”  and “ATM Machine.”

2.  The Olallieberry is, in the end, 75% blackberry and 25% raspberry and 100% delicious.

3.  The Olallieberry has a very short season.  The U-Pick season at Gizdich Ranch, where we went, is only a few weeks in June each year.


The kids really enjoyed helping us find great berries and of course, they all had to taste test them.  Quality control, you see.

The younger ones needed a few breaks.




And at the end we had stained and juicy fingers and a whole lot of berries for pie, crisp, milkshakes, smoothies, and all sorts of berry delights.


It is good to finally be the mom and thus have the right to decide on things like traditions; traditions like olallieberries every June!



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