Walking among the Autumn Trees

Everywhere I look, I see trees dressed in vivid hues of red, orange, and yellow.  Even when it gets hot during the day, the mornings are crisp and the evenings are cool.  Autumn has arrived and it is beautiful.

This month’s Outdoor Hour Challenge Grid contained all sorts of fun activities for exploring fall trees.  We’ve been taking walks around our block, seeing all the colors of autumn and enjoying the fresh air.

Fall Trees in our Neighborhood

Fall Trees in our Neighborhood

We spotted a colorful tree in our neighborhood and learned the name of it: The California Sycamore.  We smelled some bark and found leaves that were bigger than our palms.


We looked for birds in trees, but we only spotted some California Towhees on the ground.  We’ll keep looking!

California Towhee

We picked some apples off of our apple tree to examine and eat.  They used to be green but they have ripened into a golden color, so we wonder if they are perhaps Golden Delicious apples.  They were indeed delicious when we ate them.



We pressed and traced some leaves and my daughter and I used watercolor pencils to draw our California Sycamore trees in our nature journals.

Nature Study3


One thought on “Walking among the Autumn Trees

  1. What a great entry! So many pretty leaves and in your journals too! Thanks for sharing your entry with the OHC blog carnival.

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