3 Super Simple Christmas Crafts


I am not a super crafty person, but my kids love to do crafts.  So whatever crafts we do in our household need to be super simple.  My oldest son is a very independent, out-of-the-box thinker and his favorite kind of craft is one where he is free to follow whatever creative path his brain suggests.  This works out well for me since my favorite kind of craft is one where I gather up some supplies, dump them on the table and let them explore the materials and be creative.

1.  Construction paper ornaments- Everyone knows how to do this.  X-man had been begging to make ornaments all morning one day last week.  So I thought, why not?  I pulled out some green and dark pink cardstock (this was as Christmas-y as I had on hand), scissors, markers, glue, tape, and yarn.  I helped with the tying of the yarn so they could hang their ornaments on the tree.  I also cut out little gingerbread people for them to decorate.  Otherwise, this was a totally independent craft that took at least an hour.  I gave my two year old scratch paper and markers so he could craft with his siblings.  I played Christmas music and it was a very merry time!

Construction Paper Ornaments

Construction Paper Ornaments

2.  Craft Stick Snowflake- I gathered smal craft sticks, glue, glitter, sequins, white paint, and paper with which to cover my table.  Yesterday, I showed the kids how to make snowflake forms with the craft sticks.  They formed a variety of snowflakes and glued them together.  Today, they decorated them with white paint, glitter, and sequins.  Once they are dry,  plan to tie some sort of yarn, string, or wire around them and hang them in our windows or on our tree.

5 December3

5 December1

5 December

3.  Button Tree Collage– Next week, I plan to give my daughter (and any other interested parties) a piece of cardstock or green felt in the shape of a Christmas tree, some glue, and a bunch of buttons of a variety of sizes and Christmasy colors.   She can fill the tree with the buttons in any pattern or arrangement she wishes.  It sounds easy, fun, and pretty -3 important components of any successful craft!

I like these crafts since they encourage my children to explore their own creativity.  If any of you have any more ideas like these for this craft-challenged mommy, I’d appreciate them!



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