The Handicraft that Got My Kids Excited about Books

HandicraftEver since I saw an idea like this for rain gutter bookshelves, I’ve wanted them.  I thought it would be awesome to have each child have their own little bookshelf space for their favorite books.  We have plenty of bookshelves around the house, but it is dificult to see all the books that are there.  So I thought having a little shelf of their own, to put the books they got for Christmas or their birthdays, in a place that was easy to reach and easy to see might encourage my kids to enjoy books more.

I mean, they love books.  They love it when I read them stories.  But I would like to encourage some independent reading and some independent book perusing (for the non-readers in the home).

However, I will just admit to you that the DIY Pinterest Project Magic does not reside in me.  For both my husband and I, our talents lie elsewhere, far outside the region of handiness or craftiness in home projects.  So I knew better than to really make any effort toward the rain gutter bookshelf idea.

Along those lines, I am not a particularly crafty person (I love scrapbooking, but that’s about it).  So although, as a Charlotte-Mason-style-of-homeschooling fan, I think Handicrafts are a good idea, I’m not all that great at doing handicrafts with my kids.  (I found this blog post recently and am newly inspired in this area, though!)

Anyway, the other day, I was at my friend’s house.  She had these little Ikea wall shelves– spice racks, as they are called on Ikea’s website.  She had them all over her home, several of them holding books.  These are just what I was looking for!  They are the perfect size for each child to have their own personal bookshelf. So I went home and ordered ten of them.  One for each child, and several for our living room and school room.

Two days ago, they arrived.  They came in little packages of 11 pieces: a base shelf, a stick, two side pieces, four screws, two wooden pegs, and an allen wrench.  In my excitement, I looked at the instructions and immediately put one together.  What?  A DIY project even I could do!  And if I could do it, my kids could do it.  Handicrafts are supposed to be useful and add beauty to our lives.  And learning to put together a shelf from a kit with instructions is totally a useful life skill.  Time for a Spontaneous Handicraft Class! 8 April 20151 I called all the kids- from my almost 8 year old down to the 2 year old- to gather in the living room.  I gave a package to each kid and took one for myself.  I demonstrated how to put together the shelf as they watched and then I helped the 2 year old assemble his (though I was pretty impressed with how far he could get on his own) as the 4 year old, 6 year old, and almost 8 year old got to work.

They assembled these shelves with great ease and enthusiasm and then were so excited that they had made a shelf of their very own.  They proceeded to go to the bookshelf and rifle through the books to find their favorites to put on their very own bookshelf.  The next hour they spent looking through books!  Success! X-man's Shelf


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