Homeschooling is Awesome

Because you can totally declare your oldest son’s birthday as a holiday.

8 Years Old

X-man turned 8 and we declared a day off of our regular school schedule.  We celebrated and made fun memories instead.  He went out to breakfast with his dad.

Fierce 8 Year Old

Then we went, at his request, to our local Children’s Discovery Museum.  The kids played with the water tables, caught and released (plastic) fish in the creek, had snack under a tree, painted and built structures.  And did a lot of exploring and wandering.  It was a nice morning and then we left just as it was getting hot.

X's Birthday

X's Birthday2

Xander's Birthday1

Xander's Birthday3Art Room

Xander's Birthday4

With all of these awesome activities, I’m totally counting this as a field trip.

Then we went to Grandma’s house for a lunch birthday party.  Daddy came too!

X's Birthday6



8 Candles on his Cupcakes

And because it is what you do on your birthday (or on your brother’s birthday), they all made sure they exited the vehicle via the window.

X's Birthday5

Happy X-man Day!

Me & my oldest baby 8 years from the minute he was born

Me & my oldest baby 8 years from the minute he was born


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