Alphabet Cards: A Preschool Project

Did anyone else hoard stickers from their childhood? I got stickers in stockings and birthday cards and then always just wanted to save them for a special time.  Well, turns out it’s a good thing I did, because that special time turned out to be 25 or 30 years later.  I have now amassed- what with childhood, my teaching career, and now with children (and my grandma sending me her hoard of stickers she’s accumulated in her 90 years)-quite a collection of stickers. Just in time for it to be very helpful in the education of my children.

My sticker collection

My sticker collection

Preschool is a simple affair around here.  Lots of free play.  Plenty of time outside.  Nature walks. Good books. Puzzles. Free form arts & crafts.

We also do a little bit of alphabet learning.  Leapfrog videos on Netflix are a wonderful resource.  We read alphabet books sometimes (Doodling Dragons from Logic of English is one of our favorites). We create alphabet books. One project we started last year and finished this year was Alphabet Cards. It was a simple and easy project which was very important for the goal of ever finishing it.


It was Z-urchin’s project (and Shortstop will do it next year), so anytime that he asked, “Can we do the next letter?” I would respond, “Yes!” Then I would pull out an index card and a marker and write the next letter on the card. We’d pull out the big box of stickers and look through them to find stickers of things that started with the letter on the card. Simple and fun. That’s my kind of preschool project!


Alphabet Card Wall

Alphabet Card Wall





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