Princess K’s Kitty Party

Kitty Princess K in her Hello Kitty Princess tiara

Last year, right before her butterfly party, Princess K informed me:  “When I churn 3, I will have a Butterfly party. When I churn 4, I will have a Kitty party.  When I churn 5, I will have a princess party!”  She has not swayed in this decision in all this time… pretty amazing for a little woman of such tender years.  So, a few weeks ago, little Princess “churned” 4 years old and we had a Hello Kitty party for her.

This time, we sent out e-vites to her friends and Grandmas.  We

X-man is really intent upon his task

held the party during Z-urchin’s naptime- this worked so well for X’s Mario party, I decided to do it again!  We hung Hello Kitty banners and balloons and pink and white streamers around our backyard.  I drew kitty paw prints in pink chalk from the driveway to the side gate where I wanted the guests to enter.  When the guests arrived, I gave them a pink Hello Kitty party hat and sent them to the tables set up in the shade to color a Hello Kitty “Happy Birthday” banner.  We also had constructed a small house out of a few empty boxes (leftover from our recent move) and covered it with leftover white packing paper.  My husband drew a Hello Kitty peeking out of the window.  I had stickers and markers and the guests decorated Hello Kitty’s house.

Yarn maze

This guy is determined to win- even if it costs him his knees

Our first activity was the yarn maze (kittens love yarn!).  I paired the guests up and gave them a color and a starting place.  They followed their yarn to the finish where there was a little treasure box with a treat inside.  Next, we played “Pin the bow on the Hello Kitty.”  The next activity was a mouse hunt, for kittens love to chase mice.  While we were busy with another game, I had a few helpers hide cotton balls around the backyard.  The little “kittens” ran around and found the mice and placed them in the Hello Kitty house.  Everyone who found ten mice received a little treat for their treat bag.  After this, we had an obstacle course- they had to jump over a rope and crawl under a “tunnel” (actually a table) and run to the “pond” (a little pool) and grab a fishy and run back.  The fishy was actually a pool squirt toy that they got to keep.  I had a stopwatch and the fastest fishy-collector received a prize.  Our next activity was to lap up milk from a dish like little kittens.  All of the kids really enjoyed this activity.  And it was pretty cute to watch.  Lastly, we played “Cat, cat, mouse,” in the style of “Duck, duck, goose.”

Caught the fish with his mouth

Lick the milk from the saucer, little kitty

Then it was time to eat.  We had a great variety snacks and treats.  I had pink candy-dipped pretzel sticks, pink & white cookies, goldfish crackers, strawberries, a veggie plate, and pink cupcakes with little Hello Kitty decorations.  they ate, sang happy birthday to our big four year old and then we turned on the sprinkler and let them cool off in the water!  Finally we opened gifts and then it was time for the little kittens to go back home.  Princess K had a lovely time!  It was a wonderful celebration of my little girl’s life!

A Very Pink Party

Hello Kitty Cake! Happy 4th Birthday!


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